Fanmail or Maybe Dido Wasn’t A Good Idea


All Video Weekend SUCKED!!

The videos you chose were lame. Not just the music videos but ALL of them. They were all old and seen a million times in a dozen of other places.

I thought you were cutting edge. You are dull. First Cowboy of Jack Of All Blogs finds Jesus and now Chartreuse, who writes about new media and the sex pistols ends his all video weekend with Dido. Fucking DIDO!!!! How whitebread, middle of the road, safe can you get.

All your new readers will never understand how great this site USED to be.

Come back Chartreuse!

A Disappointed Fan

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11 Comments on “Fanmail or Maybe Dido Wasn’t A Good Idea”

  1. Matt Says:

    Dido is hot, how can you be angry about that?


  2. Robert Bruce Says:

    A serious Chartreuseian would have shot this one over the bow.

    Then again, just like press, there is no bad fan mail…

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Sometimes you just don’t have it. Obviously this weekend wasn’t my best work. I’ll tighten up!

    Next week will be an ALL DIDO WEEKEND 🙂

  4. Jason Boog Says:

    You still are my favorite media consultant, and I think the folks over at Get Fuzzy think so too.
    I hope this cheers you up.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    I LOVE Get Fuzzy. That cat is the greatest. He’s like The Brain from Stimpy and the Brain.

    Thanks for the comic relief!

  6. Roy T Says:

    You are nobody untill somebody hates you

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Right again, Roy!

  8. David Krug Says:

    Seriously if we need some snark I have a few ideas. First off I could lay into my personal life a bit to crown the glory nails and peel my self off the fucking cross for a moment. But Girlspoke joins Glam *cough* and gets an interview on Sirius Radio’s Playboy Channel. Um, do we see any 9rulers getting talk show interviews?

    Um…. Let’s see for some more entertainment we could all sit around and poke fun at Chartreuse. I haven’t takin any shots yet. But here’s one for you. I haven’t see Char take any shots at blog networks since he realized we aren’t really networks anyhow. We are little scrubby bubble companies all with the same 22k readers.

    Seriously if you want to talk about New Media lets’ cover the big sites. Fark, College Humor, Fun Mansion, just to name a few.

    Why the hell isn’t he talking about Google Idol, and where the hell is You Tube Idol ? Jebus.

    Char your losing it and I fucking found Jesus. Let’s hit the titty bar. Cuz I sure as hell did today. Because I’m a single man in a huge fucking city of _ bitches.

    BTW Robert Scoble should be canned by MS for being an asshat wearing loudmouthed sloppy pile of slime. He’s banned from our network as far as I’m concerned. Cuz he’s just an attention whore.

    Ok, peace out you Jesus Freaks.


    Everyone can quote me if they pay me a dollar.

  9. chartreuse Says:

    Welcome back David,

    I don’t write about blog networks anymore unless there is some news. I’m not forgetting my core audience. I just thought I should expand the horizons a bit more.

    Bashing me is cool. That’s why I love you. If you notice i move toward bigger sites every week. I’m just trying to bring everyone along for the ride. Start at the top no one cares. Start at the bottom and you bring an army with you. I have a plan despite my Dido mistake.

    So Girlspoke is joining Glam. Glam is eating up the female blogsophere. Now that’s news.

    Google Idol has been talked about by folks bigger than me so why bother.

    If you ever want to guest post on this blog just let me know. You’re always welcome.

    And congrats on finding jesus.

    Word on the street was that he was never coming back.

  10. candice Says:

    >So Girlspoke is joining Glam. Glam is eating up the female blogsophere. Now that’s news.

    So long as they don’t try to eat me…Then again, I don’t do the kind of linkwhoring necessary to be in/care about said “networks.”

    Dido is usually a good idea, at least in my world.

  11. Vampirefeet Says:

    Dido is lame.
    You need to listen to some RAWK!!

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