Poetry Network To launch and 4 other interesting things…


Our resident poet Robert Bruce announced that he will be starting a poetry network. Cool. No word if Alicia Keys is invited…

The Blog Herald proves that adsense ads are a waste…or maybe not.

Wanna monetize your podcasts?

Brian explains the importance of Joy Division to your blog.

Pete Cashmore gets MySpace, Jason Boog gets me and Starked Las Vegas really gets Vegas.

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7 Comments on “Poetry Network To launch and 4 other interesting things…”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    Well, you know, Ms. Keys is definitely invited… but with all this A-Lister bashing going around I thought I’d give some love to the folks located down the food chain a bit…

    Wait, she can’t qualify as an A-lister, no blog, right?. Good. She’s in.

    btw, someone has beat me to the poetry network gig… MySpace has got to be the largest single publisher of poetry in the history of mankind.

    Thanks for the press Char.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Good, they have done the work for you. All you have to do is pick out the best!

  3. Jason Boog Says:

    Thanks for the nod. It was nice surprise after a long day at work. More importantly, I meant it…

  4. Vampirefeet Says:

    That Starked video was funny.

  5. Roy T Says:

    I think a poetry network is a cool idea. Something new and refreshing.

  6. JC Says:

    just wanted to comment on Robert Bruce. I believe that his poems and podcasts are what we need on the net nowadays. I look forward to hearing his self produced weekly podcast. The delivery and realness is great for all poets. Unfortunately, this type of poetry has to compete with the current days poets, rappers. Why has this art form that Robert Bruce displays fallen so deep into the hole of freaks?

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Hole of freaks?
    Art changes. Reflect the times.
    We’re lucky people are tolerent these days and not hanging folks like Bruce who are doing things different.

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