[posts worth stealing] How To Get Quick Traffic From Newsweek


[The first blog I read everyday is Successful Blog written by Liz Strauss. She searches the net and finds the best people saying the best things to aid bloggers and puts her own spin on it.

It's because of her blog that this blog is even remotely successful because of her tips and wit that she provides to people everyday.

If you have never read her blog then you are in for a treat. What I have done is picked out some of my favorite posts from her site and will be posting them in full at random all this week.

I'll still be posting my own stuff but since most of you guys have a blog I thought you might appreciate this stuff. 


(oh, yeah, I got permission!)

(and also check out her personal site as well!)]

January 30, 2006

Quick Traffic from Newsweek

ME Strauss wrote this at 6:44 am:This tip from SOB Cheryl at Mad Baggage, who suggests we take advantage of the partnering of Technorati and Newsweek to get your blog noticed by a whole new audience of Newsweek readers. Cheryl has used it with stunning success. Within a short time of posting against a Newsweek article in the morning, she had traffic beating down her doors. Here’s what she says to do.

Go to MSNBC Newsweek, read the top story, read a couple of the related front page stories, and do a post linking to them all. Newsweek has a Technorati link page showing what bloggers are saying on the subject and as long as you are among the earliest or most recent to post on the matter, people click through in tens and hundreds. They don’t stay, they don’t come back, but they click through.

I tried Cheryl’s techniques on yesterday as a test. Check out the two Newsweek posts I ran–one about Martha Stewart and one about their column Blog Watch. Both were worth posting in their own right, but I was also testing whether the new Technorati-Newsweek partnering would work on my broken Technorati account. It did not.

However, if you click through to either of the stories and look down the right sidebar you’ll see how it works. A small section will tell you how many blogs have posted on this story so far. Then you can click through to see what the posts are and where they came from.

It seems to work for any, not just the top stories–though the top stories are surely where the most traffic would be. Still, I think I would go for the sections with stories and traffic that fit my niche–less traffic, but more qualified leads.

As for post not working, well, I’m just lucky I guess.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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6 Comments on “[posts worth stealing] How To Get Quick Traffic From Newsweek”

  1. Vampirefeet Says:

    I read Liz, too.

  2. Liz Strauss Says:

    Thanks, Chartreuse. You are too cool.
    By the way, I call that pix michevious Liz.

    Cheryl at Mad Baggage will surely be over to see you.

    Thank you, too Vampirefeet.

  3. Martin Says:

    “I read Liz, too” – I’ll place a “Me too” on that one.

    I’m a SOB from way back – so my mind stalled a gear when I came here expecting one of your delightful new media insights together with some obscure music theme thrown in (keep the music themes going though and I’m here for life).

    Good stuff, Chartreuse. You know that Liz is the next A-lister, of course 🙂

  4. Mark Wade Says:

    Liz who? LOL – sorry Liz, couldn’t help myself hehehe


  5. Robert Bruce Says:

    All right, I’ll gladly join the Love Strauss Train…

    Thanks for your great work Liz. Truly.

  6. winslow Says:

    Nice site. Thank to work…

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