Tagworld and the social networking lottery (or How much more do we get for having a cool music feature?)


Have you visited Tagworld, yet. Some changes have been made…

You don't have to log in to use their Music Discovery Engine. Just goto Tagworld.com and enter a band you like. It will then play songs from that band and other similar artists. Way Cool.

And Everclear and The Pet Shop Boys have made it into the lineup meaning I've been listening for the past hour…(currently playing: My Little Underground by The Jesus and Mary Chain)

Seeing that Facebook is looking for two Billion dollars (Scott, to save you the trouble, here's a Facebook horror story)  I'm sure Fred and the Tagworld gang will be collecting paychecks soon.

Visit it before they get bought out by Pepsico!


When I was 19 years old I stole my Dad's American Express card, rented a convertable and drove halfway across the country to have sex with this chick. It took me months to pay my Dad back.

Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, created Facebook. 

Now I'm an advocate of social networks. I have always thought they were cool. Hank and I would visit Black Planet all the time to look at the freaky pictures some of the chicks would put up there.

And that was in the 90's.(These social networks are not exactly new.)

But 2 billion dollars?

Two BILLION dollars.

What's to stop Jeremy Wright of b5media from building Facebook II, adding the Tagworld music engine to it and convincing the kids to flock to his copycat?

That's the problem with social networks, after MTV pays the 2 billion for the audience that same audience might just decide to leave.

Friendster used to be cool.

How happy are the folks who didn't buy that?

You know who should buy Facebook?

Not a media company.

A credit card company.

Let American Express buy it and hand those kids cards (membership has it's privledges).

They would at least have a chance of getting their money back.

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9 Comments on “Tagworld and the social networking lottery (or How much more do we get for having a cool music feature?)”

  1. Roy T Says:

    The people at AMEX are my best friends. Yea, they gave me this shiny silver card and remind me every month in a letter how much they love me. By the way, have you read on Calacanis’ site “time to start a business or not”? Good read, http://www.calacanis.com/2006/03/26/time-to-start-a-business-or-not/

  2. TerryC Says:

    When I read this post a light went off in my head. I remember the site Black Planet. My roommate in college was this guy name Ceasar and he was on the site all the time and it was JUST LIKE MYSPACE!

    People would make there own pages and put pictures up and email each other. And you are right about the girls. They would put up wild pictures of themselves in bikinis and make up outrageous names. That was at least five years ago.

    I think the guy who made Myspace must have been friends with a black guy.

    Another great eye opening post!

  3. Vampirefeet Says:

    I never heard of Black Planet but I think the fact that you got some everclear in the tagworld database is cool!
    Any chance you can but in a word for Book Of Love?

  4. the whole thing is retarded. what happened to good old fashioned transactions.

    Can’t blame them for creating this buzz if smart guys like you get into the mix and fuel the action.

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    Credit Card company. You’re right again. It’s the whole mash it up thing. The tricky thing here is that you know how to do it and most folks don’t. Coporations get in trouble diversifying because they get into businesses they don’t know and actually try to start running them! Idiots.

  6. lets start a company – the buzz will be none of the founders have EVER talked on the phone had a conference call or ever met in person.

    That would be a real internet start up – serious

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Put together a list of smart people and a good idea and I’m in… 🙂

  8. thats all? porn is usually easy.

  9. skeat Says:

    I’m love this great website. Many thanks guy

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