The Real Reason Why Now Is Not The Right Time For You To Start A Business (or The Beat Is Just Too Damn Fast)


If you have to ask if now is the right time to start a business then the answer is no.

Now is not the right time for you to start a business because you are asking the wrong questions.

The real question is grammatically questionable but more important than anything else. 

Do people want what you got?”


Businesses only fail for one reason.

People don’t want your product/service/widget/song or dance.

Now there may be plenty of reasons why they don’t want it.

Bad management. Wrong color. Too high a price. Too low a price. The beats too fast. The beats too slow or myriads of other reasons.

But the bottom line is they don’t want it.

If they do want it they will find a way to get it.

They’ll beg.

They’ll borrow.

They’ll steal. 

They’ll do things which may seem unreasonable to others to get there hands on your offer.

So is now the right time to start a business?

Not if you’re still asking that question.

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6 Comments on “The Real Reason Why Now Is Not The Right Time For You To Start A Business (or The Beat Is Just Too Damn Fast)”

  1. amen brooooo. The world needs ditchdiggers too – in the immortal words of Ted Knight

  2. candice Says:

    If you have time to sit around thinking about businesses to start, it’s not time either. Do stuff. Good stuff. Money will follow. One of my current projects came from noticing a customer was unhappy with someone else, not some pie in the sky idea.

  3. Uh, they have to *know about it* before they can decide if they want it.

    So a product can fail because it’s not wanted, but that does not mean it is a bad product.

    It may mean that it’s just not competing for attention in an effective manner.

    There are movies and music products that were ignored when first offered (for example It’s a Wonderful Life film), but later became popular, successful, wanted.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    getting attention is an entirely different question.
    The reason I ignored it is because the question was is now a good time to start a business. The getting attention question doesn’t register as a factor in that. Unless I’m missing something.
    And if you want to talk about the problem of being ahead of your time then read about the life of Galileo. His strategy was effective!

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