9rules Reintroduces the Safety Dance

So I was reading Blogebrity yesterday and they had a post  about the 9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge.

I decided to put it up on YouTube to see what the real public thinks. And, of course, to see if the 9rules gang symbol takes off.

Check it out below before Scrivs sends me a cease and desist order.

(If you would like to check the popularity of this video visit YouTube and search under the tag gangs. Really.)

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8 Comments on “9rules Reintroduces the Safety Dance”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    That’s some funny shit.
    Any challengers?
    And where is Beyonce!

  2. Scrivs Says:

    Actually I IM”ed and posted it on our forums immediately once we published it and some of our members said they were going to post it on YouTube and Google Video so I figured they would do the work. Looks like I got somebody outside of 9rules to do the work instead.

    Thanks Char.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Don’t worry I’m putting it on your tab… 🙂

  4. Scrivs Says:

    And really I didn’t think the general public would care about the first part of the video. Maybe one day I will solely do a dance video that will entertain everyone and yes I use the word “entertain” loosely.

  5. Tyme Says:

    Beyonce was getting her beauty sleep. They started recording that thing at 4 or 5am. 🙂

  6. TerryC Says:

    After listening to some of your podcasts I insist you appear in the next video. You can take Paul AND Mike’s place!

  7. Tyme Says:

    TerryC – thank you! You might want to reconsider though. Scrivs dances some here here:


    Colin is dancing here:


  8. "brokeblog mountain" Says:

    ummm, i dont know what you where going for, but that is so “brokeback”

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