My Day In Links (Daily Remix)


We'll get to that picture later.

Anyone who reads this blog occasionally knows I love YouTube. It drives traffic (just put your url with any video you upload) and most importantly it's simple. There's only one problem with it.

When Liz has a problem with Technorati David Sifry responses personally and includes his cell phone number. (I don't think my Dad knows my cell phone number…) But he doesn't answer the question if his company is for sale or not…

For some reason Proctor & Gamble keeps popping up in new media posts. Sometimes good and sometimes bad

How about a social network for high net worth individuals who either own or are looking to build a high-country home…

Google is opening a digital music store. Let's hope it doesn't suck like their video store.

The Korean attempt to topple MySpace just might…

71% of the population does not attend even one concert each year, 23% goes to only one concert, 4% go to two shows yearly and a meager 2% attend three or more shows. Live Nation's CEO Michael Rapino talks about the state of live music.(mp3)

Are dimples a birth defect

And finally, Candice tells me about what's happening at home. It seems the New Orleans public schools are selling
a flooded out school bus on Ebay.

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2 Comments on “My Day In Links (Daily Remix)”

  1. Yes dear, dimples are abnormal.

  2. phelps Says:

    beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

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