First off thanks to everyone who helped with our April Fools Joke.

That would include Luckylulu for allowing me to change her link to point to a dominatrix instructor.

9rules folks for not catching a fit for our defamation of their logo(they are so much more laid back since being purchased by BlogMedia. 🙂 )

Andy Hagans for allowing us to sully his name with our smut.

Scott Karp for being an excellent foil and not getting pissed that we used his name without his knowledge.

And Brian Clark for coming up with the idea and allowing me to tweak it just a little. And I guess I was wrong. He does know some HTML.

Now on to some other stuff.

Regular readers know that I try a lot of things on this blog and try my best to tell you the results. Since LSU lost, meaning I have no celebration hangover, lets look at some numbers.

NYT still brings me about 5-10 readers a day. That's amazing. But this is interesting too. Rocketboom brings me about half that everyday after one link in their broadcast. What does it mean? I'll let you decide.

The second most popular post on this site is this one about Trent Reznor. One of the NIN fan clubs found it and it's now linked to a bunch of message-boards. Cool. except I know those readers won't be coming back.

And the third most popular is this one about Darren Rowse and Liv Tyler's dad.

I also have 3 other blogs (and administer one for a music artist). Here's a quick look at those.

My mashup blog is a complete waste of time. It avgs. about 2 unique visits a day. I think the problem is with my tagging. But it doesn't matter. It will be deleted tomorrow. If you have any interest in seeing mashups (and I know there are two of you) I suggest you hurry up and visit that site.

My 3Tubes site is different. Despite sporadic updates it still gets an avg. of 150 uniques a day. I'm sure I can pump that up with regular updates.

Then there is my All Angelina Jolie site. I love that blog. It had 6 uniques the first day, 116 the second day and has spiralled only upward. It had 400 600 plus uniques yesterday. One of the things I did different (for me) on that site was advertise it in a video I put up on youtube.

I uploaded some footage of ms. jolie and mentioned in the blurb that they could visit (the only site I have with a real domain). Since that is the only place that the domain was mentioned I know exactly how many people have come from youtube because they saw the domain. It averages about 30 a day. That's cool. And shows the popularity of ms.jolie. I got big plans for that site. But I'll tell you about them as they develop.

Oh, and a few more things about this site. As you may have noticed, I am trying huge pictures on this site. i know it's kinda obnoxious but I'm trying to treat the folks here as if they're pretty. We'll see how it works out. I may have to change and start treating you like your smart instead…

The disturbing thing is I get visits from about 10 people a day looking for 13 year old girls. Creepy. 

That's it. Hope you're at least having as much fun as I am… 

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5 Comments on “housekeeping”

  1. keep it up. Who and how do you track this kind of web stats and links – cool.

  2. Roy T Says:

    Angelique asks about long titles in the last post and this one is short…I see who’s in control

  3. The future ex-wife is, naturally. 😉

  4. chartreuse Says:

    women have been in control from the beginning…most of them just don’t realize it! 🙂

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    Of course we realize it. We just act like we don’t. It’s part of that secret handshake thing.

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