Daily Remix for April 4th

Facebook gets some competition

It's video blogging week. Cool Beans!

Is Netflix doomed?

Coming Soon: MySpace for Grandma

Classic Nas

What determines the music we like?

(via blogumentary) Flickr Photos

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4 Comments on “Daily Remix for April 4th”

  1. Erik Says:

    Netflix is doomed if they think their business is shipping DVD’s around. Netflix is fine if they understand that their business is building a brand associated with the distribution of movies.

    At the moment shipping DVD’s in envelopes is the most efficient way to to distribute movies.

    In 10 years it won’t be.

    The people I know at Netflix are pretty smart, I’d say that they understand what their real business is.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    I think Netflix will be ok as well, but it was an interesting pov and I’m into folks who look at things in a different way…

    Try 18 months instead of 10 years.

    I really think they should team up with TIVO. I know they talked about it but I guess the powers that be said no…too bad.

  3. netflix – is more than doomed. It is double doomed. But I would not bet on that with my cash. Just other peoples:)

    Where do those cool smiley faces come from

  4. Erik Says:

    Try 18 months instead of 10 years.

    Bandwidth ain’t getting that cheap that fast. Upgrading bandwidth is a massive capital infrastructure expense in an industry with tightening margins.

    A DVD movie is several gigs, soon HD will be mandatory (although the format still up for grabs) and those are MUCH bigger.

    It might be 5-7 years, not 10, but to make it 18 months the infrastructure dollars would need to be spent right now, and they’re not.

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