[favorite video blogs] Minnesota Stories


Video blogger Chuck Olsen runs mnstories which tell the stories of folks who live in Minnesota.

He also runs Blogumentary (which you may have noticed in my blogroll) and is just an all around cool guy who's everywhere. He's on the cutting edge of this video blogging stuff.

This is one of his entries for video blogging week. It's the band Mates Of State.

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5 Comments on “[favorite video blogs] Minnesota Stories”

  1. chuck Says:

    thanks for the shoutout!

  2. chartreuse Says:

    ty for all the cool vids

  3. Reminds a little of Stereolab at first.

    This is okay, but I’m not blown away or anything. I wonder about the future of videoblogging.

    I think the “guy next door” novelty stuff is pretty much dead, except with newbies and non-geek dorks. But I’m more bookish, I hate TV and movies, and just listen to CDs as I compute.

  4. I like the dorky 1938 videos better. Those are oddly amateurishly interesting and I think Odeo podcasts could be used in a similar manner for audio weirdities.

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