Some Of What I Read This Weekend

Francois Girbaud Reinterprets the Last Supper and other banned advertisements.

Why Headlines Are Becoming Boring

The BBC Launches A Blog Network

Do you look between 17-18 and want to make $500? Then take my son to the prom.

Teens losing interest in videogames?

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4 Comments on “Some Of What I Read This Weekend”

  1. chartreuse Says:

    Actually I read Freakonomics again this weekend so I wasn’t online much.

    I was arguing with someone about healthcare in this country (USA) and they mentioned something in Freakonomics so I picked it up and reread it. But I try to avoid those controversial topics on this blog just because it really has little to do with new media.

    But I will steal Gladwell’s quote on US Healthcare:

    “…imagine if we had employer-based subways in New York. You could ride the subway if you had a job. But if you lost your job, you would either have to walk or pay a prohibitively expensive subway surcharge. Of course, if you lost your job you would need the subway more than ever, because you couldn’t afford taxis and you would need to travel around looking for work. Right? In any case, what logical connection is there between employment and transporation? If you can answer that question, you can solve the riddle of the U.S. health care system.”

    So the time I spent online I spent reading little things (except for the N.O. article).

    The real question, Howard, is what did you read?

  2. i wrote a bunch. Freakonomics twice is punishment. You know that.

    I finished the Search – first 2/3rds were real good.

  3. Angelique Says:

    WHOA. If I weren’t stuck in Singapore I would totally go to prom for $500.

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