Sandi Thom vs. Chuck D. (Or Welcome To The Death Of Hype)


Our version of the Sandi Thom story seems to have caught hold with some of the major music sites crediting this site and it's readers to catching on to Sony's marketing tricks.

Major music industry site, The Velvet Rope, had some of the more interesting comments.

I find it insulting that someone would think that they need to concoct such an orchestrated "lie" in order to build a story about an artist. What is worse is that the artist has chosen to go along with it.

I love it that they didn't even think they'd have to back up the numbers with actual data.

If you have any doubts that the consumers are not as smart as the current media heads you should read this thread. A representative of the streaming video company involved posted and quickly saw they was out of their league. The questions raised were too much for them to handle. 


It's obvious that the major labels still don't have a handle on the new media space.

But the still got hype.

And Chuck D. taught us not to believe that.

Hype is dead.

In your face marketing is over.

You gotta grow organically.

A good example of an artist who is using the potential of the internet is Cassie.

I've talked about her site before.

She's signed to Bad Boy and posts on her site 3-5 times a week what's going on in her life. The number of comments on her site is outrageous. The fans get to see youtube clips of everything.

It's wwaayy cool and a good example of how to use the internet to organically raise your profile.

In other good news. Adrian du Plessis, official chartreuse investigative reporter, now has his own blog.

Check it.

p.s.- Still think we were wrong questioning Ms. Thom's new media credentials? Check out her website. She doesn't even have a blog. But her marketing team does.

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15 Comments on “Sandi Thom vs. Chuck D. (Or Welcome To The Death Of Hype)”

  1. TerryC Says:

    Congrats on the scoop. I had nothing to do with it but since I’ve been reading this blog forever I feel entitled to some of the accolades.

  2. gonzoblog Says:

    still waiting for the answers to questions posed to the streaming company guy. 😉

    I guess the silence speaks volumes.

    And isn’t it good that us “dumb” consumers are smart enough and empowered so WE can decide what to believe and rip to shreads anything we thinks smells like a rat. Damn those stupid consumers, why don’t they just buy what we tell them to 🙂

    I think the real PR disaster here is that many a struggling muscian would have loved to believe this story could happen (to them) – so it’s a double bitch slap.

    I still believe something like the Sandi thing could “really” happen – but as you said “organically”.

  3. Robert Bruce Says:

    Yep, look at the waste-of-capital that 9 out of 10 Hollywwod blockbusters are. Sure, they make a lot of money, but essentially they’re only shoveling fresh shit up onto the screens (with golden shovels of course).

    These producers seem to ignore the fact that if they actually took the time to get a WELL WRITTEN SCRIPT together, do the hard work of finding A KILLER CAST, ETC…. (sound familiar? Internet Media?) they could have a classic on their hands that would continue to make $$$ for decades. Instead they settle, time after time, for the train wreck you see on the DVD shelf 10 years later and chuckle at… “well, at least it did 75 milllion on the first weekend”…

    All that money.

    All those bad movies.

    It really is dumfounding if you stop for a moment and think about it.

    How do they get away with it?

    Hold on, going, vomiting now…

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  8. reneee patti Says:

    Why do you lot out there listen to sandi’s music. I heard her last year and she spoke about doing this gigs then. Sorry I just think that its all a case of wish that was me.

  9. wikipedia Says:

    Personally, I have no idea why people would not understand how to do this.

  10. Music Master Says:

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