Fast Facts (Tuesday Content Remix)


Our official poet, Robert Bruce has a new name for his blog. And a kinda new podcast.

Favorite Chartreuse enemy Andy Hagans discovers quality content.

Howard has something interesting to say about Patents.

The smartest girl in the room talks about how that actually feels.

Ranking the online video sharing sites.

“Politics can get you high, and I was getting very high. I had no intention of not getting high. I was addicted; it was 2004 all over again…”

Jeremy Wright on Jeremy Wright

And another Live Nina Simone Fan

art by luckylulu

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5 Comments on “Fast Facts (Tuesday Content Remix)”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    Really appreciate the ink here. What a nightmare.

    While I’m at it, check back on Friday, I’m finally throwing my weight into the video ring… your incessant evangelism on the topic has worn me down… My plan is to give it a good test run before applying to SexNotWork.

    I think I just heard Robert Frost is rolling in his grave…

  2. Shane Says:

    Is this the same Robert Bruce that trolls the comments on in every single post…? He signs off with usually. Well, maybe not. The guy at seems pretty decent.

  3. Robert Bruce Says:

    Not me Shane (though I have left a few comments there and am a fan of Hugh).

    I’m the American who’s hijacked the Scottish King’s name… and signs off with (formerly

    The decency question is still in question however…

  4. Shane Says:

    “The decency question is still in question however…”

    Haha! 🙂

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