Are You Experienced? (or Why This Blog Is Still In Beta)


Every now and then I get an email from someone who doesn't get this blog.

What exactly are you writing about? What's with the videos? WTF is going on?

What's really different about new media is it's ability to allow the creator to create a multi-level experience.

Umair talked about it. Jason talks about it. I'm trying to create it here with this blog.

Every other peice of media forces you into a box.

You either watch, listen or read it.

New Media allows you to have your audience experience all three. It allows you to touch the audience in different ways.

In the comments section (the comments here are almost as good as Liz's sometimes) Ankit brought up a blog done by Metroblogging.

Metroblogging does city-centric blogs for cities like Los Angeles.

But they created one for a fictional Warcraft city.

Now the makers of Warcraft should get with Metroblogging and have them do it for all the cities in the game. It would add to the Warcraft experience for the gamer and also aid Metroblogging in getting gamers to check out the blogs for their real cities.

It's all about the experience or the DisneyWorld, of your product or brand.

We are in a 100 million channel universe and you have to give people different ways to touch you.

And that's, in a clumsy way, what I'm trying to do with this blog.

You don't come here just to read what I have to say about new media or The Killers.

I want you to come here and experience the Chartreuse brand.

The stories, the music, the art I choose to display,the pictures I decide to use or all part of the chartreuse (beta) experience.

Anybody can make a blog and write. But there is only one chartreuse experience.

Now I'm new at this.

Everyone is.

I'm trying new things all the time.

Next week the RandomShapes kids will be giving there take on new media and music here on this blog.

Some of the authors I read will also be giving there take on new media in this space. Even some video bloggers.

Now some of the things I try don't work.

I realize that.

But that's why the site is in beta.

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36 Comments on “Are You Experienced? (or Why This Blog Is Still In Beta)”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    Fail fine, Fail free, Fail faster, and have fun while you’re doing it. The one’s who aren’t failing at something aren’t getting anywhere.

    What do you mean there’s no point behind what’s going on here? That must be a short person talking . . . It’s totally clear from the 30,000 foot view. πŸ™‚

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Hi Liz!

    Fail faster. I like that. That’s what I’m trying to do. The more screw ups I make on this site the better!

  3. Roy T. Says:

    At least your not being pedestrian!

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Being pedestrian; that is the worse sin of all!

  5. Andy H Says:

    I gotta be honest. I skip anything that isn’t text (well, the pictures are good).

    I guess I resist the immersive experience. (Also, my computer speakers have the sound turned off heh)

  6. Dave Says:

    Show me somone who hasn’t failed, and I will show you somone who hasn’t tried. The smartest girl in the room reads your blog mate, so you must be doing something right πŸ˜‰

  7. chartreuse Says:

    That’s why I hate you Andy. πŸ™‚ You are always missing the big picture.

    No matter. If you only get to enjoy the words, that’s cool.

    I was going to post about your move toward quality posts on your blogs comparing it to Howard Stern’s move to Sirrius. But according to the latest ratings blog networks aren’t as popular for me to talk about anymore. Plus I would be forced to say good stuff about you and that’s against the chartreuse brand. Too bad! πŸ™‚

  8. chartreuse Says:

    Send me an update on what’s going on with BigBlogMedia please!

  9. AListReview Says:

    Do A-List Blogs Provide a Experience Others Lack?

    I’ve been getting all introspective today, thinking about blogging, why I blog, how I blog, how blogging is different from the articles and news stories I write. Chartreuse is responding to a commenter, but he could be responding to my…

  10. Andy H Says:

    > according to the latest ratings

    You’re letting short term ratings dictate your content?? Sounds like old media to me… πŸ™‚

  11. chartreuse Says:

    You’re right.
    I’ll post it sometime over the weekend…you lucky bastard

  12. Andy H Says:

    Wow that actually worked!

    How about this… I TRIPLE-DOGG-DARE you to send me a thousand bucks (cash) in the mail (don’t forget to fold it inside a few pieces of paper).

    You know who DOESN’T do this? Execs at Sony-BMG… [insert additional taunt here]

  13. chartreuse Says:

    I’m a sucker…good one πŸ™‚
    I will post it though.

    You should talk to the Sony folks, they could use you…

  14. The New Super Blog of Blogosphere 4.0 will be the extra-interactive, poly-functional, multi-media sites.

    Personalized, customized blogs, using appropriate Web 2.0 technology, Swickis, podcasts, video, etc. will dominate in influence if not in numbers.

    People, generally, don’t wish to read much more mundane trivia, no matter how funny or charming. They seek information and/or entertainment, delivered in various ways.

    There will always be plain text blogs, and generic templates, and clueless bloggers. But then there will also be bloggers who believe in continual improvement, via text, research, links, design, format, topic selection, and functionalities.

  15. Jason Boog Says:

    Your comments section is priceless.

    Just like the Rocky Horror Picture Show or that audience participation game over at Lost, I can see how commenters are shaping the Chartreuse Beta brand too. It got me thinking.

    We need to take pride in our audience-ship. Do you have any advice about deducting Chartreuse Consultantcy on my taxes?

  16. oooh – the Chartreuse Brand – exactly. Now I know why I like this site and Fred wilsons the most.

    If you find someone good, you might as well see the WHOLE PACKAGE and his links to boot.

    Run from people that talk about a blogging bubble. They told you to short Yahoo at 10 and Google on IPO day.

    As a fellow blogger it takes time to see all this – thanks for helping me move along to the style i wanted but couldnt really name.

  17. Brian Says:

    Dallas, TX (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 16, 2006 —

    Web User Sues Over Heavy Imbibing of Chartreuse Brand

    Attorney Brian Clark announced a lawsuit today against Chartreuse (Beta) for failing to warn visitors that too much Chartreuse can make you violently ill.

    “Chartreuse is a wonderful thing,” Clark stated at a press conference on the courthouse steps. “But only in moderation. My client was not warned that too much Chartreuse, too quickly, can lead to a violent gastronomical upheaval.”

    “The Chartreuse brand had an obligation to make this clear to the public, and to my client,” Clark concluded, just before dramatically ending the press conference amongst a flurry of flashbulbs and desperate unanswered questions.

    When asked for comment, Chartreuse proprietor Prince Campbell remained defiant, and repeated his vow to never use a spell checker.


  18. Brian Says:

    Ha! I misdated my own faux press release. Doh!

  19. Ankit M Says:

    Chartreuse – [quote]Now the makers of Warcraft should get with Metroblogging and have them do it for all the cities in the game. It would add to the Warcraft experience for the gamer and also aid Metroblogging in getting gamers to check out the blogs for their real cities.[/quote]

    This is one thing I don`t agree with you. Don`t mix things with your audience. Don`t be Microsoft. People who read real metro blogs like Chennai, Boston will find Azeroth blog totally insane. Only a WOW fan can tell you what this city is all about.

    Metroblogging has opened itself to a totally different niche this time, a new audience. Readers of both type of cites, (fictional and audience) will have very few things in common or same interest. But the point is both cities will have good audience to be taken care of, which is being done wonderfully well by Metroblooging.

  20. I agree with Ankit. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s ultimately going to “fail” because it doesn’t further their central goals for their central audience. In fact I’d argue it’s doing their existing audience a disservice.

    I’m not going to knock the idea, because it’s ingenious of them, but it’s ultimately going to require supporting two very different types of communities.

  21. chartreuse Says:

    i disagree with you folks on this one.
    Metroblogging is about telling folks what’s going on in cities. Who cares wheather it’s real or not?

    People (me) check out stuff going on in different cities all the time by reading Metroblogging and cites of that ilk. If a fictional city seems interesting it may make me want to check out the game. And if I’m reading it because I’m a player I may want to check it out what Metroblogging has to say about my real city.

    These online games and the blending of vitual and real worlds is going to be exploding in the next few months (say 6-18). I think Metroblogging is smart for jumping into it now.

    And Brian, wtf is spell check? πŸ™‚

  22. Ankit M Says:

    Jeremy [quote]I agree with Ankit. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s ultimately going to β€œfail”[/quote].

    I never said, its going to fail. Its a brilliant move. I agree that now Metroblogging has to take care of two different communities. But I failt to see any problem. Every city has a different community. Blog Netwoks can never make a community, only blogs can make a community. Blog Networks can only unite authors. But don`t fool yourself by saying your readers read your blog networks. They are only loyal to the blogs.

    Chart [quote]Metroblogging is about telling folks what’s going on in cities. Who cares wheather it’s real or not?.[/quote]
    People do care. Its a bit unlikely for a reader of real city spending time in fictional city. But then also there is a big audience for both types of city.

  23. chartreuse Says:

    Ever been to Paris? I haven’t. So I may check out a city-centric blog about it.

    Travel is big. The reason is not because people are really interested in other places. It because they want to escape where they are. Which is why city-centric blogs will continue to grow. They get audiences not just from the people who live there but from those who travel via the internet.

    A blog about a fictional city is just as real as one about a real city. Especially if you haven’t been there!

  24. Robert Bruce Says:

    You’re not only “trying to create it with this blog…”, you’re forcing others to keep up, stretch out, think, curse, and generally re-think what they’re (see: what I’m) doing…

    Love it. Fine with the discontinued “Blog Network” philosophy and musings… although, do you then need to change up the CB tagline without it?

  25. Robert Bruce Says:

    Internet Media Reformation?

    Ah, maybe a bit too precious…

  26. Roy T Says:

    Ankit M , Im going to have to agree with Char on this one. Maybe you guys should stop seeing yourself as a “blog network” working on a community and start looking at your self as a media network trying to expand your operations.

    If you are non-profit, fine, but you don’t thinking breaking into main-stream media, teaming up with makers of warcraft, or even print media publications that may add your network as part of their online sector- (think Glam having Shiny Media on with them) to help it grow. I don’t know about you guys, I just don’t believe being involved on the web alone is enough anymore, there has to be some kind of involvement with other forms of media and the public who doesn’t use the net now much but to check email and myspace.

    PS. We launch Starked NYC on Monday, sorry for the self-plug, but blognetworkwatch does a crappy job of reporting things sometimes!!!

  27. Ankit M Says:

    Roy – [quote] stop seeing yourself as a β€œblog network” working on a community and start looking at your self as a media network trying to expand your operations. [/quote]

    Yeah exactly. I can`t agree more with you or Chartreuse on that. If Blog Networks have to survive, they have to metamorphise themselves into something more, something bigger, something new.

    Internet Media Network is the right word. We all are on thinking on the same lines. Jeremy mentioned in that comment that they are going to enrich their audience more.

    Till now, we all have been trying to empower our bloggers and writers. But now the control has to be shifted to the audience, let them do things more than just commenting or reading the blogs. Let them actually run the Blog and the Blog Network itself.

  28. Ankit M Says:

    The Link to above mentioned Comment

  29. DudeAsInCool Says:

    What’s not to get! I like everything about this site.

  30. Is anyone at this stage really saying that “the network” matters? Can’t we just move on? How do we create communities, drive value, enrish readers, empower them, etc? That’s the interesting stuff to me.

    ps: minor change at b5 today, all for readers. Can you spot it? πŸ˜‰

  31. chartreuse Says:

    I dunno, but I do like the cool little b5 tags on the side of each page…

  32. You mean with the logo? Those’ve alwyas been there :p

  33. chartreuse Says:

    I don’t read all the b5 blogs (sorry!). But I do read Liz and the Play Girlz blog and never noticed it…figures…and you folks keep thinking design is important πŸ™‚

  34. Of course design is important. In cars, in music, on the web. But content is far more important.

    Btw, the answer is we’ve reorganized all of our content channels. It’s a minor nod towards the fact that “Lifestyle” was just too broad and wasn’t very useful for users.

    I mentioned a few weeks ago that a bunch of things were in the works to provide greater value to readers, and this is just one of the backend foundational steps in that evolution πŸ™‚

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