Howard Stern, American Idol And My 500 Year Plan (or not exactly worth a full blog post)

Someone I know really needs to do a real investigation into how American Idol works. My gut tells me something isn't right. For example: Queen Guitarist Accuses American Idol Of Misrepresentation

I was reading an old Fast Company magazine about a company that put together a 500 year plan their company. Really. Then I read this: How Deep Is Your Company Vision? Maybe I will put together a 500 year plan for this blog. Now that would be interesting. Let me know if you have any ideas…

Nike, Warner Bros., MTV2 and Dimension Films are just a few of the big-name marketers that have begun to advertise on What is Calacanis' opinion now? Is it a real business yet? And what about these YouTube competitors?

Sirius payed 500 million for 5 years of Howard Stern (that covers everything). Since his arrival 2 million people have agreed to pay 12 13 bucks a month for the service. Um, if no one else signs up and we don't include any money Sirius makes from advertising or from the sales of the recievers that deal will net the company half a billion dollars. Who thought Stern's move was a bad idea?

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14 Comments on “Howard Stern, American Idol And My 500 Year Plan (or not exactly worth a full blog post)”

  1. Char,
    I can always count on you to read my stuff. You mean you haven’t done your century plan yet? What’s wrong with you? Everyone, EVERYONE has a 100 year plan! 😉

  2. chartreuse Says:

    I’m still trying to get my 1 Minute Plan together. 🙂

    I actually do think long range planning is important. And though it seems counterintuitive, long-term planning leads to short term focus.

    Fast Company/Nov.2004/page 71 “The Vogue of the 500 Year Plan”

    And of course I always read your stuff. Everybody should!

  3. Michael R. Says:

    Here is a Q&A I read from Calacanis’ site…

    —- Other publishers like Advance Internet already have local blogs — like
    the ones on ClevelandLive, for instance. How will Weblogs do it different?

    “I’ve never looked at their site honestly. I never look to competitors for strategy, we do our own thing and learn our own lessons. ”

    Im sure this would explain why WIN has something like 89 sites, with ONE hit-Engadget, and a couple popular sites-luxist, etc. Seriously, people kiss up to him (just read his site) because AOL bought him and now everyone wants to be part of this WIN state blog movement.

    I would put my money on b5 media beating out WIN in the next couple years as a large scale online publisher and MetBlogs because they already have the scale and establishment. Learn your own lessons without looking at competitors, Im starting to believe WIN became succesful on luck and not talent.

    Is he a business man? He sure as hell doesn’t sound like one. Thats just me. I put this up here because this site looks more appropriate than his own, and I noticed he comes on here sometimes.

  4. VampireFeet Says:

    everyone comes here 🙂

  5. chartreuse Says:

    I think everyone is in play. WIN is no where near invincible. It could be anyone who knocks them out the box.

    His idea to focus on states is dumb. Not localized enough for small advertisers not big enough for major advertisers. That’s why you see no successful state newspapers.

    It will be a failure.

  6. Roy T. Says:

    Wow, just read that on Calacanis’ site. One of his commenters says “better than starting in LA and NY, then moving in”. Lol, I thought it was funny, but then again, it was the best move for us, we are getting recognition faster than I would have imagined. He can have the states, IMO, it can never do better than cities, people have more city pride than state pride on that level (Im from LA, I know).

    Next stop for us is overseas, I am not saying where, but I will say it is a first. =)

  7. Robert Bruce Says:

    By the year 2506, The Chartreuse Experience should offer downloadable holodecks that people can kick back in.

    Yeah, me, with my android leg, artificial replacement spinal cord and nylon lungs sitting in a bar, smoking a ciggy with Char talking about Sandi Thom, version 10.2 and The Army Of One

  8. Brian Says:

    Robert, that will happen well before even 2056, unlesss we run out of oil before nanotech saves us, that is.

  9. Robert Bruce Says:

    You’re right Brian, need to bone up on my sci-fi.

    Afraid I’ve spent more time with Bukowski than Bova…

  10. Long way to go for the 12 million listeners he had. I just dont think satellite radio makes it all the way.

    Just spent some time with serious LA and New York 20 plus year listeners who have not switched to sirius. I think Stern did real good for his pocketbook – cheers on that.

    XMSR stole Oprah based on price comparison

  11. Roy T Says:

    Personally, I think Adam Corolla is much better.

  12. thanks char 🙂

    as per this new WIN tangent, states might be ok in small states where nothing interesting goes on, but eventually ALL of these will have to be sub-localized (not sure if thats a word, but you get my drift). I.e., etc.

    as for the stern thing, if they don’t grow at all, their new 2 million customers would generate 26mil/month, and ina year thats $312m, over 5 years, well 1.5something billion. and NO production costs on their part, howard does it all. so assume they continue a 20% yearly growth in subscribers over the next few years, then its something like 4.8million listeners by year 5 right?

  13. Jason Says:

    My opinion is they have cleaned up their act, and they used piracy to build their audience. That was smart… steal then partner with the folks you stole from. Sounds like something from the Sopranos.

  14. Epistoff Says:

    I am so elated that the internet generation have thrown off the grammatical shackles of the past and concieved a plan to undue the mispercieved “i before e” rule that writers have decieved us, generation after generation, into beleiving, simply because they have recieved an education and beleive spelling words correctly is important to communication. I say to hell with spelling and that we continue destroying the language by spelling words any way we want and screw convention. I know the author of this website, as most internet sites not well versed in language, will join me. How about you?

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