Inside The Latest Blog Network Implosion (Or Everlasting Importance Of Beyonce)


If you hang out in the comment section of this blog then you were one of the first to know about the latest Blog Media news.

It seems that flamethrower David Krug, along with uber-designers Chris Pearson and Ben Bleikamp, have left Blog Media for…free agency?

Blog Media is the publisher of The Blog Herald, Blog Network Watch, Celebricious and other titles. They have been getting some flak lately for what some see as the downward spiral of it's flagship title, The Blog Herald.

I quickly shot an email to Matt Craven, who runs Blog Media to get a little inside knowledge of what's going on and what happens next.

Are we to assume that those leaving have completely severed ties with Blog Media?

Yes.  We're still friends – we still talk, but business wise we've gone our separate ways for the reasons we outlined in our post on today.

Don't get us wrong – we did this for both personal life balance and business reasons.  Our hearts were leading us in different directions so this move makes sense to us.

I think David said it very well today on Jack of All Blogs: "Don't F*ck Your Readers. Do It For Love."

What does this mean for things like redesign and other things the team promised for the Blog Herald?

Because of the change, we're engaging a new designer – they will begin work within about ten days, not sure of the deliverable timeline yet.  There will be a new design that will take us in the direction that we had outlined previously.  Otherwise our plans remain the same.

And what other changes should we be looking for?

I'm not going to make any wild predictions or overhype ourselves here, but the intent is to have better integration amongst our blogging related sites – Blog Herald, Blog Network Watch, Blog Network List, Blogger Idol, and some other properties we have in the pipeline.  Blog Herald will be the first move we make towards that integration.  There will be others 🙂


I also got some info from David as well.

I asked him if this meant his gang of 3 was planning on starting a new network. Here was his response:

BlogMedia and Chris and Ben and I went in different directions to better serve our clients with ProBlogging. I'm up to the gills swamped in client work and/or other projects so I don't have time to run a blog network.Well I'm not going to be running a blog network anytime soon. I'm working on some nice stuff to make bloggers money and make me money. In the meantime I will continue drumming up consulting work and stay busy.

So there you have it.

None of this really answers anything regarding the Blog Herald situation(except that now designing is going to be outsourced). Better integration sounds good but reading the comments that were posted another thing Matt should be looking at is content.

David, Ben and Chris, though, face an even more perilous path.

Will they be able to turn ProBlogging and MobileHerald into sustainable titles amid growing, entrenched, competition?

Or does this mark the end of Krug's 15 minutes with Ben and Chris subjected to David's "Glory Days"-like stories?

Oh, and one more question:

Does this mean Chris and Ben get back into 9rules?

just curious… 

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15 Comments on “Inside The Latest Blog Network Implosion (Or Everlasting Importance Of Beyonce)”

  1. TerryC Says:

    It all comes back to Beyonce…lol, you’re right. Will David and his merry men go crawling back to 9rules? Will Beyonce even let them back in? You always uncover the real story. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I like this site but I really don’t know much about these blog networks. But it was an entertaining read. But I thought you wasn’t going to write about them anymore?

  3. Loren Feldman Says:

    This gets better than by the minute. I don’t know David Krug, but he seems like a real pisser. Good luck to all these guys.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Kimberly, the saga of some of the blog networks is interesting, especially if you know the players. I invite you to check out the archives. Years from now David, Matt, Tyme and Scrivs will be printing these stories out for their grandkids…(part of my 500 year plan!)

    And there is no such thing as a good blog network story without Beyonce. 🙂

  5. David Krug Says:

    Numero Uno,
    You think they really want back into 9rules? I’d be suprised.

    Numero Dos,
    Why does ProBlogging have to be about being a great title. That’s
    exactly what I’m moving away from. It’s about our work. If you’d like
    I can send you over a list of our client work since that so easily gets forgotten.
    But its the client work that pays the bills mate.

  6. chartreuse Says:


    A lot of folks want to see you fail. That’s not fair but it makes your story interesting. I personally hope you and the gang kickass. I want the same for Matt and the Herald folks as well.

    I just hustle pageviews. That means I gotta call it like I see it. That doesn’t mean I see it the way it really is, though.

    But don’t get upset. When you do the terrorist win.

  7. David Krug Says:

    Nah, not upset. Just perplexed at my empty coffeecup. People actually want to see me fail? Shit someone should have sent me the email. I’d like the opposite. To see everyone else succeed. Damn shitheads.

  8. VampireFeet Says:

    I just like the picture of Beyonce. More Beyonce!

  9. Liz Strauss Says:

    And I’m still totally confused.

  10. Anthony Says:

    Most days I’m really glad I don’t partner with people. I just roll by myself and things stay constant with no crazy time like this.

  11. Chris P. Says:


    Although I don’t necessarily speak for David or Ben, I think there’s a mutual understanding that each of us will concentrate on those areas in which we are the strongest and find the most interesting.

    When it came right down to it, collectively running a network of content sites simply wasn’t what we wanted to do.

    As for 9rules, don’t they already have one “designer of the year?”


  12. Ben Says:

    Funny you should mention getting back into 9rules. When Scrivs initially sent me the email to let me know that I was no longer in 9rules he added “…if you ever leave BlogMedia, let us know, we’d be happy to have you back.”

  13. chartreuse Says:

    I’m interested in seeing how all this plays out…Now matter how it ends up I have a feeling I’ll be writing about it. 🙂 Good luck, guys!

    And Anthony, I agree. There are truly some advantages to flying solo…

    Oh and Ben, I wouldn’t put too much stock in that email. It’s not anything against Scrivs but if it was my network I wouldn’t let you back in…unless Beyonce said it was o.k. 🙂

    (i kill me!)

  14. Ben Says:

    Haha Chartruese – I’m not planning on trying to get back into 9rules.

  15. Matt Says:

    Either Pearson or Ben are twice the designer of anyone in 9rules.

    Yes, I’m biased 🙂

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