The First Official Advertisement On This Site

[if you have a videoblog (or regular blog)and would like to promote it on this site just email the video to me. No cost. Just keep it less than 30 seconds and you must mention the name of this blog in it. I'll just post them occasionally during the upcoming weeks. Cool? Good. Now go read yourself a poem]

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14 Comments on “The First Official Advertisement On This Site”

  1. Mary Boyd Says:


    Someone needs to bottle your brain. Everytime I see your site there is something new and fresh on it.

    A video ad.

    I went to the site and saw it was about poetry.

    You are too much.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks for the kind words but I can’t take all the credit for this one.

    It’s Robert’s ad.

  3. meettravis Says:

    I really like your Brand. You are definitely the future, now.

  4. Brian Says:

    The funny thing is, I’m starting to like Robert more and more each time I see him. I liked his poetry before, but letting his personality come out with video has really made him even cooler in my mind. That’s powerful stuff.

    You’re on to something here Char.

  5. Juan Says:

    robert bruce is certifiably insane and hiding deep in the recesses of the pacific northwest to escape the pain and anguish he has caused to the working monkeys in los angeles. he is a dangerous individual and should not be approached without a beer in hand. be careful of the beard… he hides weapons of mass destruction in there. he also writes pretty damn good poetry.

  6. Candy G Says:

    Nice idea. From both of you.

  7. chuck Says:

    fresh. silky-feeling. not at all lumpy.

    i prefer it to the other brands.

  8. Vernon Says:

    When will we see Robert Bruce published ? My printer is running out of ink/paper trying to keep up with his weekly poems. Good work Robert…and “kudos” to your video producer !!

  9. Great idea, and how kind of you to allow us to promote ourselves through you, and really with you, by mentioning your name in our video. Cool stuff!

  10. Kris Says:

    You RAWK Robert! Great ad. And I love your latest poem. I sent it off to every guy on my email address list.

  11. This is a poem about sex

    The Internet is like a virtual treasure hunt through a maze of rooms linked by passages – doors that connect the fragmented spaces within the structure. Except that there is no limitation in the structural design of the Internet. There are no exterior …

  12. […] :: Bonus Link :: I’ve gotten into the advertising game. If you want to know what a poetry commercial looks like, uh, here you go. […]

  13. norcross Says:

    Great job guys… Thank for you work…

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