[music video break] Len

Unfortunately, Len (Marc & Sharon Costanzo, and their extended crew.) only had one real hit. But it was a good one. And it's a perfect getting ready for the weekend track.

Check out one of my favorite songs "Steal My Sunshine" below…

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10 Comments on “[music video break] Len”

  1. Mary Boyd Says:

    What year was this song? I love it!

  2. Spring is here baby. It’s 75 in NYC. This is a spring song for sure.

  3. Fraser Says:

    The guy behind Len came from an independent canadian hip-hop group called Hip Club Groove. They had a great song called “jiz, there it is”.

    Steal my Sunshine exploded in Canada (thank you, CRTC!) and became annoying shortly afterwards. My buddy ran into the guy a few months later on a plane and he, hilariously, apologized for the song.

    You should try to track down some Hip Club Groove. Fun stuff.

    Also from Halifax is a great artist named Buck 65. Check him out for sure if you haven’t.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Mary, I think it was 1999? I’ll check on that and let you know. But they are siblings, not married.

    75 in NYC? It’s 85 here on the beaches of Tampa/St.Pete.

    Thanks for the extra info Frasier. The song wasn’t as irritating in my neck of the woods. I’ll look for some Buck65. If it’s wack I’ll let you know 🙂

    By the way, 2 of my other new media writers backed out because they wanted to ‘work on their post some more’ after reading yours here. Thanks for raising the bar…I think.

  5. Bragger, 85? hows that humidity though?

  6. Anthony Says:

    I’ve always loved this song. Based on the girlfriend I had at the time it was released I’d say in 2000??? Hmmmm. 4th year uni. Good times.

  7. Diane Ensey Says:

    Luckily it’s a Friday – this put me in the mood for a road trip!

  8. Clyde Smith Says:

    I love that song and that video. Thanks!

  9. Ric Danforth Says:

    Great summer song!, I had forgotten about it, great song to kake up to also!.

  10. Ivana Says:

    It was 1999, they are sister and brother and ya, I know Marc pretty well and he plays it off legit when he talks about this song. He says he wrote it all messed up one morning when he hadn’t slept and him and Shar had not really been talking much. He recorded it and threw it under his bed and forgot about it until the album was almost done when they decided to put it on at the last minute. Marc is pretty successful in the music biz as a producer with EMI in Canada and is still making music, mostly writing for other singers (he just won an international songwriter’s competition) and his sister lives in the UK.


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