The Devil’s Candy (or satan’s guide to blogging success)


So this blog is in pretty good shape for one that has been in existence for around 100 days (I'm too lazy to get the exact number!).

Because of that I sometimes get emails like this one:

I wanted to know if you can give
me some free tips on starting a blog, a sports blog really. I've been having these entreprenuerial ideas, and I think I wanna start my own sports blog. If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Let give you my advice for a successful blog.

If you search the net on the subject most folks say the same thing.

Pick something you are passionate about, throw up some adsense ads, read Problogger, Brian's blog and Liz's.

Now I can't tell you how to make a dime blogging.


But I can tell you what's the Devil's candy that a lot of people seem to forget.

And it's simple.

Be entertaining.

Do you know what's the most popular post on this blog?

Not the one mentioned in the New York Times.

Not the story Adrianne broke here on marketing fraud Sandi Thom.

Not the one where I said Duncan and Jeremy were attempting to destroy the blogosphere.

As of Saturday it was this post.

That's right.

A video of a mid-level rap band.

For some reason some people really liked the song and linked to it. The next thing I know people are coming to this site in droves to watch it.

I find something humbling and reassuring about that.

Here's what everyone wants in a blog.

They want info they can use.

They want passion.

They want authenticity.

But you still got diddly unless you add the devil's candy to the mix.

I don't care what the topic is, you will always get more repeat visits if you happen to be entertaining.


Take the typical blog post of listing cool things you have seen on other blogs.


But not the way Diane does it.

She added some candy to the mix and now I read her everyday.

Same with Howard Lindzon.

His first blog used to suck. (sorry Howard!)

But he revamped.

Now he takes all that financial and business knowledge and gives it to us in an entertaining way

He even gives away NBA playoff tickets!

Now there are a lot of other things which are part of a successful blog. (Most of which I've managed to ignore)

You can find that stuff all over the net.

But don't forget the devil.

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8 Comments on “The Devil’s Candy (or satan’s guide to blogging success)”

  1. it did suck, but as I said in a recent post – I am back

  2. Robert Bruce Says:

    There’s no business like…

  3. chartreuse Says:

    yep, it’s all show business…

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks for being a good sport Howard!

  5. I am off to the therapist again. Not YOUR fault.

  6. Liz Strauss Says:

    That was fun and what’s the word? um . . .er . . entertaining.

  7. Diane Ensey Says:

    Thanks, Char – but I’m only as good as the blogs I read and report on! At the risk of sounding syncophantic – your blog always gives me a kick in the side of the head so I see things differently.

    (Oh, and I’m taking How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb with me tomorrow when I’m driving to Seattle)

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