Who’s in charge of this blog? (Or who’s catching all the pushed envelopes)


Mr. Campbell,

I am glad I was introduced to your blog back in January. You have completely changed the way I think about new media and the possibilities it holds.

Your coverage of some of the smaller blog networks kept me in stitches and your personal trials come across as interesting, as well.

But I have a problem.

I have always been uncomfortable with your liberal use of obscenity on your blog but the information and enjoyment has always made dealing with the curse words a small inconvenience.

But I think the fact that no one has complained has caused you to go over the line. The pictures of the scantily clad woman under the free porn title. The picture of a girl giving us the finger on your post about Timex truly disturbed me.

The post stating we should follow the satan stategy for better blogs was over the line,though.

Many of your readers, I am sure, was taken aback by that headline.

I realize that it was probably just your effort to 'shake things up' but you are slowly becoming unreadable.

I just wanted to let you know what happened when you wondered why we stopped reading.


Thank you for bringing to my attention your concerns.

This blog is not for me but for readers like you, so if you have a problem I want to try and solve it.

Contrary to what you might think, I grew up in a very religious household and I have a deep respect for all true believers. You'll never read a Tom Cruise Scientology joke nor jokes of any other faiths on this blog.

My use of satan and of risque pictures are things I use to be heard above the din of things vying for your attention.

I suggest, as a way to protect your sensibilities, that you look at the tags beneath each post. If I curse in the post it will be tagged as such. I will create new tags for things I feel may offend you and others who don't have the same sensibilities as I do.

Please keep reading. I appreciate it.


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Mark Velasquez

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12 Comments on “Who’s in charge of this blog? (Or who’s catching all the pushed envelopes)”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    TC makes a good point. Most readers of this gig have probably run into the same issue at one post or another.

    The sensibilities game is a hard one to play. You know, can’t please everyone all the time, etc. and of course, you really don’t want to and won’t if you have truly important things to say. Hell, I took a step back for a moment when I saw the porn post… thinking “Oh shit, I just endorsed this guy… here we go…”.

    But ultimately, the offense of certain sensibilities can be worth getting a worthwhile message across the wires. I do believe that, even if I personally wouldn’t slap a porn shot up with a poem.

    You have a killer audience Char, people like TC who are willing to write a reasonable, measured and honest critique with the intent of bettering what you do.

    This is one cool place (if not sometimes dangerous).

  2. Robert Bruce Says:

    …and by dangerous I mean entertaining

  3. chartreuse Says:

    It is a delicate balance.

    I decided to post his letter and my response just so folks will know that if it’s an issue they are concerned about that it’s not going to be ignored.

    I’m far from perfect and come from an edgy industry (music) so my ‘what’s right for mainstream’ radar may be a bit off.

    Like the title says, you guys really run this blog. And if I screw up I’m grown enough to take it.

  4. Andy Richards Says:

    I don’t find your site offensive at all. I never even thought about it till I read this post.
    I think you came up with a good solution so nobody loses.
    Great Job!

  5. I need to go delete some words on my blog – seeya

  6. Gotta admit, it’s some rack though.

  7. Adam Elend Says:

    I’m disappointed in the comment – I think tagging is a great solution to any profanity concerns, but my initial response to any issues with the use of “satan” is that this comment is outside the mainstream audience you are targeting with Chartreuse.

    I wouldn’t read your blog without the candy – and I’m talking more about imagery than images (though I like the images too).

    So you’ll find me solidly opposed to the view expressed in the comment. But hey, I’m probably not your target audience either.

  8. chartreuse Says:

    Anyone who reads this blog is my audience. I try not to offend just to offend. Hopefully tagging will solve the problem…

  9. Liz Strauss Says:

    Well handled Chartreuse.

    Now, I have a problem with brilliant ideas . . .

  10. Lucinda Says:

    just in case you’re wondering, i’m a regular reader and love your stuff. i’m no prude, but the photo tc mentioned was an issue for me too – i happened to be reading while sitting with my 5 year old daughter, and wasn’t prepared for an inappropriate image to pop up. plus, although i wouldn’t say i found it offensive, i didn’t like it much and didn’t see a whole lot of value add. i like the tagging solution although it won’t help me much since by the time i see the tags i’ve already seen the post. if i were you i’d scale it back like .5%. but it’s your blog, and i’ll keep reading regardless.

  11. I’m blown away at the prudish nature of people. The woman has clothes on.

  12. Andy H Says:

    never been offended here… you can’t please everyone…

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