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The Day After Tuesday Bloggers Remix (or nine rules, ten feet, and four hundred thirty six comments but it’s the pictures that really change the world)

May 31, 2006


Can pictures change the world?


Sometimes A Makeover Is Not What You Need (Or Why wives should listen to their husbands or The problem with freckles and sexnotwork)

May 30, 2006


Before my first wife and I married I convinced her to dye her hair what I now like to call 'Aeon Flux' black.

Though it made her look sexy as all outdoors (at least to me) something about it wasn't right.

Maybe it was the freckles across her nose.

Maybe it was just her personality.

Sometimes a makeover is just not what you need.


The feels like it’s Monday but it’s really Tuesday Daily Remix (Or why I email Brian Clark one insult a day)

May 30, 2006


I email Brian Clark on average, about 1 insult a day.



Memorial Day

May 28, 2006


back on tuesday…

[Best New Music Weekend] The Grates

May 28, 2006

The Grates are getting crazy interest levels here (Australia) and are about to get internationally released.

They're supporting the Artic Monkeys on their upcoming aussie tour.

Been given wraps by Rolling Stone but get little radio air play except for Triple J which is a government funded national youth radio network.

Teribble sound in this Youtube clip but as it's mobile/cell phone saved  live performace at The Metro in Sydney one THE best small live venues infront of packed 1800 people.

The song their performing live 19-20-20 is available in better quality
at Myspace

[best new music weekend] October Blue-hate me

May 27, 2006

Great song. The video doesn't do it justice…one other weird thing. This band is on Motown

[Best New Music Weekend] Pet Shop Boys- I’m With Stupid

May 27, 2006

Few things bring a smile like new Pet Shop Boys songs. This is their latest single.