Donuts, Rockets and Freedom (May 1st Daily Remix)


Angry consumers used to just complain to friends. Now they do this and this.

Why Dunkin' Donuts really needs to get creative…


Rocketboom debuts their Earthlink ad

Advertising I Fear

The Evil Empire? Understanding 9rules

"freedom is something you have, then you wait for someone to take it away from you. The extent to which you resist is the extent to which you are free."

art by luckylulu


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4 Comments on “Donuts, Rockets and Freedom (May 1st Daily Remix)”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Glad to see Lulu is still around!

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Lulu’s always around. I was just giving folks a small break!

  3. Andy H Says:

    I don’t go to Starbucks to buy a stupid CD that their marketing department put together.

    Dunkin donuts does donuts, and coffee, that’s about it, and they do them well. They seemed to be busy every time I went (in Boston — they’re everywhere). What’s the problem?

  4. chartreuse Says:

    i actually don’t visit Starbucks either. I drink at a local coffeeshop called Carmens but DD has been after Starbucks for years. They have now gotten serious about it catching up.

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