Michelle Malkin And The Death Of Old Hollywood (Or The Rise Of The New New Hollywood)

I don't like Michelle Malkin.

I think she exemplifies everything that's wrong with the age we live in.

She's loud and graceless.

But despite her politics she's right about something important and she's on the cusp of the new new Hollywood.


If you don't know Ms. Malkin, she's a right wing 'commentator' who runs a very popular website spitting noise about the evil left.

She recently started a videoblog/news show. It's basically her spin on the news of the day.

She's broadcasting it on her site and Youtube.

Now not a lot of folks are watching her videocast. She haven't yet figured out how to drive traffic to her Youtube posts (and I'm not telling her.)

But she is part of the trend of using Youtube for more than just funny clips.

She realizes that Youtube is going to make somebody famous.

And it's going to happen sooner rather than later.

What makes Hollywood special is it's ability to create stories and stars.

It's a closed system which filters (poorly) stuff it thinks the public wants to see. And it sells that stuff to tv and movie houses across the world.

YouTube is the New New Hollywood.

It does almost the exact same thing without the cost, to anyone.

The people tell the stories.

The people make the stars.

The people are the filter.

The most popular video last week on Youtube was about the random death of a 17yo girl from Washington D.C. Vancouver, Washington . Almost a million people have watched this girl's tragic story.

The senior editor of MAKE magazine, phillip torrone – playing with a new logitech camera was watched by over 100,000 today. It costed logitech nothing.

Pimpstar Rims has gotten 300 views in 3 days.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that Hollywood is under attack.

And the problem isn't downloading.

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28 Comments on “Michelle Malkin And The Death Of Old Hollywood (Or The Rise Of The New New Hollywood)”

  1. Diane Ensey Says:

    Where blogs started out as silly personal journals but evolved into a very powerful tool for citizen journalism, YouTube is doing the same. The cool thing is how fast people realized that it could be used for this.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    i think a lot of smart people are under-estimating Youtube.
    it’s ebay “media”. and ebay changed everything.

  3. Loren Says:

    YouTube is going to be one of the most important sites on the web. And to think I used to despise it. (Hate flash,bo ipods) Video distribution is here through a bunch of services and players. Hollywood should be shitting.

  4. David Krug Says:

    This piece was amazing. I missed the story. I still wished I missed it. Makes you realize the importance of family. I guess I better pick up the phone today.
    Underestimates the “heros” of hollywood when you have super amazing people who day in and day out go to mcdonalds and make minimum wage and put with shitty customers and then go out like that. I would rather remember her than a thousand tom cruise’s.

  5. David Krug Says:

    The Anna Video has been viewed nearly a million times. That’s somewhat crazy. It’s a hollywood bockbuster tragedy.

  6. chartreuse Says:

    That Anna video is amazing.
    And what’s also amazing is the response. It really touched people.
    And that, btw, is what good media of any type does…

  7. Brian Says:

    Anna’s story is heartbreaking. It’s nice that her friends now have the power to spread the story of her brief life with the world.

  8. VampireFeet Says:

    Hollywood is in trouble and they haven’t even seen it yet. Like Diane said, people are becoming journalists and creating work which resonates.

    People talk about the copyrighted stuff on Youtube but they should also look at the original stuff. There are entire series done by kids on that site!

    And go easy on Malkin. She’s cute.

  9. Erik Says:

    When you’re right, you’re right.

    YouTube will break someone.

    Michelle Malkin is an idot.

  10. wag Says:

    >And go easy on Malkin. She’s cute.

    Yeah in an “asian version of Eva Braun” kind of say (if you dig that kind of thing).

  11. Wheelie Says:

    Those are some really cool rims!

  12. Alan Says:

    So Michele Malkin is an “idot” (sic) and an “asian version of Eva Braun”?

    Why don’t you try refuting her arguments rather than ad hominem attacks?

    You don’t like her because you can’t beat her through logic, reasoning, and facts.

  13. woot Says:

    Exactly! I said much the same earlier today:


    I also see it being more efficient than the A&R guys for spotting talent.

  14. Erik Says:

    Ah, the typo taunt, the last refuge of the weak mind.

    I’ll happily refute her arguments.

    Where shall we start? Her ad hominem attacks on a Navy SEAL who won the Congressional Medal of Honor but thinks the policy of the current administration is based on a pre-conceived agenda?

    Or perhaps we should look at some of her revisionist “history” books…

    You choose.

  15. chartreuse Says:

    Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important.
    –Eugene McCarthy

  16. chartreuse Says:

    And of course…

    In politics, absurdity is not a handicap.
    –Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821)

  17. Brian Says:

    Anonymous people (supposedly) named Alan are dumb asses.
    -Brian Clark (1967 – )

  18. Theo Says:

    I adore Michelle Malkin, in a goofing-on-a-real-idiot sort-of-way.

    Dedicated a couple of entries on my blog to some of her hijinks.

  19. Robert Bruce Says:

    “She hasn’t yet figured out how to drive traffic to her YouTube posts (and I’m not telling her.)”

    OK, fair enough, but you can tell us, your loyal readers, right?

    Come on Char, it’ll stay within this comment thread…

    Just… trust us. 😉

  20. […] Shhhhh. There is a new Hollywood, the old one is dead. So says Prince Campbell at Chartreuse. Brian Clark’s Copyblogger.com has become an instant success. So has Michael Arrington’s Tech Crunch. Just about anyone who puts their mind to it can become a huge success on the internet. Yes you heard it here first. Anyone can become an overnight success story. Chartreuse doesn’t want you to know this. Brian Clark doesn’t want you know this and neither does Michael Arrington. But since I’m a drunken idiot, and can’t spell I thought I would share with you some keys to become the internet’s next big star. […]

  21. On The O’Reilly Factor, Michelle Malkin declared that Latinos protesting the recent House bill aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration believe in “reconquista,” or the theory that “the American Southwest belongs to Mexico.” Malkin added that “the intellectual underpinnings of reconquista are embraced by the vast majority of mainstream Hispanic politicians.”

    In a column on the recent demonstrations against a House immigration bill, Michelle Malkin referred to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante as “Latino supremacists.” Malkin characterized the protests as “militant racism” marked by “virulent anti-American hatred.”

    In her October 19 syndicated column, Michelle Malkin took to task “[t]he Associated Press, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell and others in the Bush-bashing press corps” for “accus[ing] the White House and 10 soldiers from the Army’s 42nd Infantry Division of ‘staging’ ” an October 13 video conference in which President Bush spoke with soldiers stationed in Iraq. Malkin also criticized NBC News for “indulging in its Bush-deranged feeding frenzy over the ‘staged’ talk with the troops.” But the very same NBC Nightly News report specifically referenced by Malkin included extended video of preparations for the event making it abundantly clear that it was, in fact, “staged.”

    Michelle Malkin wrote” The same bed-wetting Dem Senator–Harry Reid–who accused Bush of swaggering is swaggering about how the President isn’t doing enough to lead the way on Iran.”
    Michelle has blinders on when it comes to the truth, Reid isn’t “swaggering” or calling for Bush-style unilateralism — just the opposite. For too long President Bush has ceded leadership and sat on the sidelines of the Iran negotiations, fundamentally weakening our position. The Iran nuclear crisis can likely be resolved using diplomatic, economic, and political power. Unfortunately, as Reid understands, the Bush administration has proved utterly incompetent at employing the full range of U.S. powers in the past.

    On January 4, Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) wrote a letter to President Bush asserting that the administration briefings on his warrantless domestic wiretapping program violated the law. Specifically, Harman said the briefings, which only included the leadership of the intelligence committees, failed to comply with the 1947 National Security Act, which requires the administration to keep the entire committee informed about intelligence activities.

    She was promptly criticized by far far right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin, who lashed out at Harman with a post titled “Jane Harman’s Bogus Attack.” ThinkProgress noted, and Malkin later admitted, that Malkin’s rebuttal was based on a legal provision that was totally irrelevant to the issue. Nevertheless, Malkin stuck to her general claim that Harman was wrong. Michelle slimes people all the time and when caught never apologizes or makes a correstion of the facts on her blog or TV appearances.

    Malkin criticized columnist George Will, suggesting he lives in “pre-September 11 America,” because Will argued that Congress would likely have authorized President Bush’s spying program if the White House had simply requested it.

    Malkin writes:

    Just one teensy weensy problem: the NSA program was (and still is) classified. Is Will suggesting that Bush could have requested the authority he needed without revealing the existence of the NSA program? Or does he think Bush should have trusted 535 members of Congress and their staffers to keep the program secret?

    Michelle Malkin apparently doesn’t understand how Congress works. The existence of NSA surveillance operations is classified. The authorities under which they operate are not. Congress has had oversite of the entire intelligence community since there was an intelligence community. Malkin thinks the USA should be run like the old Soviet Politburo.

    Name calling ? Malkin couldn’t make a living without appealling to the lowest level of political discourse – sliming, and character assassination are her stock and trade. What I’ve poted is just a drop in the bucket I could fill up this blog with examples of the garbage she spews daily.

  22. johnnycat Says:

    Anna was killed in Vancouver (not B.C.), Washington (not D.C.) Just wanted to clarify that because it really rocked our community.

  23. PoliTech Says:

    No matter if you agree or disagree with any “A” list blogger. It’s always a great idea to whore your own blog by riding on an “A” list blogger’s coat-tails. (Clue! It’s not cool at all!)

    Funny about the YouTube view counts you linked to … I don’t see any of your videos with 26,000 plus views for a single video. (or an average of over 4000 views per posting). You are not even in the same league … let alone in the ballpark.

    You want more hits? Try posting quality content. It’s unseemly to try to pimp your blog at the expense of another. Even if your target belongs to a blogger that you feel the need to demonize.

  24. chartreuse Says:

    paleeze. Demonizing is a stretch. I don’t agree with her politics and said so. That’s not demonizing, it’s stating a fact.
    I thought I was complimentary to her on a whole. I think what she’s doing is important. I even used that worry.
    Sorry you don’t like me or my blog.
    Rumour has it I’ll get over it.

  25. VampireFeet Says:

    You obviously haven’t been to this site before. Chartreuse talks about quality content all the time. And I think using her as an example of something happening in new media is a compliment.

    Republicans sure are sensitive. Must be the fact that you guys have no one to blame for all the problems we face.

    And he gets more hits than me on YouTube.

  26. PoliTech Says:

    Actually I like your blog, or I wouldn’t have bothered to comment on it. I agree with you about the new media and it’s importance.

    My only issue was quite clearly stated.

    “Demonizing” may have been slightly hyperbolic, true.

    But you’ll get over that too! 🙂

  27. Reynold Says:

    Hi, This is a very interesting blog and a cool article. I think this is a great example of a Disruptive Innovation – something that comes along and completely changes the way an industry is organized.

    In this case, because the “product” ie video is essentially a soft-ware, it’s distribution through the Internet in a big way has been predicted for a while now.

    Where YouTube turns the prediction on its head is by combining the Net’s capability as distribution channel with the increasing ability (and desire) of ordinary people equipped with (at least) handycams / webcams to create and share video format stories. It’s going to be fascinating to see:
    a. What develops on YouTube
    b. How the YouTube model can be used to innovate in other industries and markets.

    I’ve recently blogged about Peter Drucker’s Seven Sources of Innovation and I think we will see YouTube being put to some unexpected uses soon, not only by creative individuals but also by savvy businesses.

    Also, as YouTube becomes larger, there will be room for more players in this sector and I think those that choose a unique and lucrative segment of creators (or audiences) will do well.

  28. the left is nasty Says:

    don’t want it published. just want YOU to read…Michelle Malkin flushes better things than you, bud. Oops. guess we all know that already. Bye bye…fluuuuuuuuushhhhhhh.

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