Jimmy Hendrix’s Rendition Of The Star Spangled Banner

I'm not talking politics. I'm just bringing to your attention that open minds give us a lot of cool stuff… 

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11 Comments on “Jimmy Hendrix’s Rendition Of The Star Spangled Banner”

  1. Diane Ensey Says:

    Ummm, yeah. And the same people who are having fits over the Nuestro Hymno are the same ones who rocked out to Jimmy in the 60’s. Just listen to the different versions of the anthem you hear over the course of the baseball season – country, opera, rock, blues, soul – not to mention old Roseanne’s version.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    the noise over The National Anthem is kinda silly…it makes me want to see what they are trying to divert us from…(whoever they are)

  3. chartreuse Says:

    great link. That Marvin Gaye version is a classic. I remember seeing it and calling Dad to check it out. I need to find that video…

  4. meettravis Says:

    the video is on nba.com you just need to register to view it. we really need to get rid of registering to view content. its annoying!!! just my little rant.

  5. fred Says:

    i got a call today from someone threatening me for backing a company that is “selling the country down the river”

    i think people ought to chill out about this stuff and just sit back and enjoy the music!

  6. Brian Says:

    I still get chills every time I hear Jimi’s version of the SSB. Good post!

  7. Uscis Says:


    I am Karin, very interesting article that contained the information I was searching for in Google, thanks.

  8. ScooterAl Says:

    When JH did that SSB, he brought america’s children home. It was a time when the generation gap was a yawning divide.

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