Tom Cruise, Sandra Bernhard And The Big Elephant (Or LinkedIn, MySpace And The Big Elephant)

I have had a raging headache all day so this may come across as a little grouchy. If so, sorry.

Now I'll admit I'm a strange duck.

I think there is something extremely sexy about Sandra Bernhard.

I think Howard Stern is a genius.

And I really like Tom Cruise.

But I was sorta miffed by the posts I've been reading online about social networks being all about "I" and the disappointing numbers for M:III (irritating name btw).

It's like everyone is just noticing the elephant in the room.


Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Once you notice the big trends it's easy to see them wash over everything else in some way shape or form.

Tom Peters told us about Brand You last century.

Individualism has been loud for years.

The only thing which has been stopping it from infiltrating major media, big business and government is that they have had the money to temporarily hold it back.

But there is not enough money in the world to stop it.

Mass is dead.

And they know it (they just don't want you to).

Social Networks are part of the history of individualized media.

Cable TV was the beginning of that tail.

YouTube is the other end.

And it's not just a media issue.

It's the same reason we'll never get rid of abortions and we will eventually have gay marriage no matter what laws are thrown up.

Because individuals rule.

Morals fluctuate. But the overarching trends effect everything.

MI:III made 48 million bucks and folks are declaring it a flop.

But actually that's completely wrong.

It's actually a huge success.


Because everything in the future (now!) will be smaller.

There is no reason to see MI:III now. And I'm a fan.

But I can check out the video.

See it on cable.

Watch it online.

Whenever I want.

I decide. (that smells a little like individualism).

The only way the movie industry will ever get the big numbers fast they are used to is to add some sense of scarcity to mass offerings. But that's long term thinking…


There is a lawsuit going on between Cheap Trick/Allman Brothers and Sony BMG which is going to have huge long term effects on the music industry.

Like Coolfer noted: it will cause the labels to realize that they can't make as much money off of digital music as they can on cds.

It's the nail in the coffin of huge labels.

They will be forced to get smaller. Something they have been fighting for years.

Now it may seem like I'm talking about a lot a different things but I'm not.

I've been talking about nothing but the big over riding trend that is effecting everything in our age.

The powershift to individuals.

It's the difference between old media and new media.

1986 and 2006.

Once you get that you know everything.

(Even the sexiness of Sandra Bernhard.)

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16 Comments on “Tom Cruise, Sandra Bernhard And The Big Elephant (Or LinkedIn, MySpace And The Big Elephant)”

  1. Sandra is semi cool – especially old Letterman days, but not sexy buddy.

    This has inspired me to finish a post on how to try and make money of this individualism – coming tonight. Thanks

  2. VampireFeet Says:

    I agree with Howard. Sandra sexy? I don’t think so. But some folks have different taste.

    Good post. A lot of things seem obvious when you look at them with a bigger lens.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Most of my friends think I’m high when I say that about Sandra.
    That’s good.
    It eliminates the competition.

  4. Brian Says:

    What else do Sandra and Tom have in common?

    Neither has officially come out.

  5. Robert Bruce Says:

    This site is so damn cool.

  6. i like tom cruise too.

  7. Roy T. Says:

    A perfect example of this is Lemon Magazine, out of NYC. There is a revived movement going on of smaller, but more expensive, individual “garage-made” magazines that aim at a very specific niche while offering features and articles more exciting, and “less pedestrian” as you say than the conventional….GQ or Maxim. In fact they blend in their advertising within their spreads not to distort the flow of the magazine with obnoxious ads…this is the same goal I have for my Starked sites.

    you can check out lemon here, its pretty cool and they are just one of many smaller and rising publications-

  8. TerryC Says:

    I haven’t visited in a couple of days but I see you are still hopping. You the quintissential big picture guy.

  9. Diane Ensey Says:

    Strangely enough, I also find Sandra sexy [shrug] and speaking as a person who watch Top Gun 126 times in the movie theatre (1.00 matinee and I was unemployed) I was a huge T.C. fan. Then his personality got in the way of his acting ability for me. Now, when I see him in a movie (even Top Gun) all I see is one sick SOB.

  10. Liz Strauss Says:

    I’m not sure why you don’t whisper. Do you know why I’m saying that?

  11. Brian Says:

    No Liz, why?

  12. chartreuse Says:

    me either. Am I missing something?

  13. PoliTech Says:

    M:III – ?
    Bittorrent the XVid and watch it over media center extender on the XBox360. (Yes I really do that)

    Then delete it to save disk space.

    Mel Gibson (among others) says big budget movies are going extinct. (can’t find the link sorry) You do a nice job here illustrating why.

    Todays post sounds almost Libertarian!

  14. Martin Says:

    Whisper: err, your raging headache… quite possibly 🙂

  15. ashley Says:

    thank you for your work

  16. Thanks Tom Cruise for all the great performances. You do a amazing job and I think you are great

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