Quick Morning Remix And A Prince Song

Biz Of Showbiz: Where else can you learn why 24 is so popular and inside info on Darryl Hannah's video blog?

Um, $10,000 a day via adsense: maybe not…

[reloaded: this song sounded completely different than anything on the radio at the time. One of the main reasons is that Prince removed the bassline from the song]

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10 Comments on “Quick Morning Remix And A Prince Song”

  1. meettravis Says:

    I really like what Daryl Hannah is doing, and she looks good doing it. The biodiesel vehicle is crazy!

  2. Cotten999 Says:

    Where is this the song of the Prince
    I am wanting to be hearing this, please to be posting the link from the Napster
    I am to be thanking you in the advance

  3. VampireFeet Says:

    I didn’t even know she was still alive.
    I love that Prince song. And you are right, it does not have a baseline!

  4. Brian Says:

    I consider myself a huge Prince fan (especially back when Purple Rain came out) and I never realized there was no bass in When Doves Cry.


  5. chartreuse Says:

    That’s why I make the big bucks. To tell you music trivia facts like that! 🙂

  6. Liz Strauss Says:

    Aaaaaahh! Just what I needed after a morning like this. Excellent music and excellent facts. Thank you for this.

  7. A-Sun Truth Says:


    Prince used the drums like a bass line…there are tons of hip hop tracks that do the same thing…

    …he is also one of the richest performers in the industry…why? Becasue he is independent and totally capitalizes (www.npgmusicclub.com) on the intimate relationship that digital media can create between an artist and their fan base. Maybe the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Lupe Fiasco can learn something here…both artists had their ENTIRE albums leaked online. They should give them away for free to anyone with an .edu address and then tour all of the Colleges and Universities that loved their stuff.


  8. A-Sun Truth Says:

    oh yeah…please critique our beta version of XS Megazine.



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