Regular readers know I try to keep you updated on what's going on with this site.

Here's what's up.

No adverse effect from using bigger pictures. No one bitches about them so I'll keep using them.

One of the things bothering me was how to credit pictures. After some thought what I have decided to do was to make any picture I use a link back to the place I found it. And if it was from Flickr then it goes back to the owners Flickr page. I think that works better than just putting a name at the bottom of the page.

A big traffic push came from a Seth Godin link (april 24th) to the ad Robert Bruce did. Seth drove lots of traffic and I'm still getting hits from it. How Seth managed to find it I don't know but I'm glad he did.

Speaking of Robert Bruce. Very few people created video ads. And I know why. (I'll explain later) so that was a big fat dud.

Still getting some complaints about my youtube video choices. I guess they skew a little pop-centric for some folks. I am keeping that in mind but the video choices go along with my mood for the day. There are some clips I would love to play but I think they might offend some folks. If you want to see a list of my favorite videos just vist youtube and search for user chartreuse.

I also run a site called alljolie. It generates thousands of views a day. It's most popular post so far has been the youtube clip of Angelina on the Today show. Video always wins folks!I have no changes in mind for that site though.

The thing that bothers me about that site (and this one!) is the fact that despite good traffic it get doesn't get links. I guess most of my readers don't have blogs. Which may be a very good thing.

I will be making a change or two on this site, though. I'm completely redoing my blogroll. Since I said folks should update their blogrolls the least I can do is follow my own advice.

I'll be completely changing it so 90% of the sites on it will be replaced. Nothing personal if you do or don't make the cut. Really. I just want to expose you to some other folks who are saying some cool things.

Infact, if you know of a site that you think should be on my blogroll just put it in the comments. The only rule is that you can't recommend your own site.

I guess that covers it. If I didn't cover something you would like answered just shoot me an email. 

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9 Comments on “housekeeping”

  1. Roy T. Says:

    Could Char finally be coming out of Beta?

  2. chartreuse Says:

    not yet… 🙂

  3. candice Says:

    Beta is the new release software, you know? Like Gmail.

  4. Fraser Says:

    The links thing is weird… don’t understand that at all. Any thoughts? (I don’t buy the “don’t have blogs” thing)

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    The links have to do with posts and the posts that get links have one topic to hang your hat on. We’re back to “I think you should whisper.” The post linkers don’t get it enough to be able to pass it on. You don’t name your posts things like 10 Reasons to . . .

    You are a Blogroll link and a secret pleasure. Except for the brilliant minds

    and the smart girls who think they are pretty and the pretty girls who think they are smart. 🙂

  6. Fraser Says:

    Char, I like your readers. Maybe even more than I like you 😉

  7. Saurier Says:

    I hope chartreuse stays in beta.

  8. chartreuse Says:

    The readers here rock. But they already know that…

  9. Brian Says:

    Damn straight!

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