[Blog Network Weekend] Galacticast:Part Of The Rocketboom Video Network?

Galacticast is a three to five-minute “lo-fi sci-fi” videoblog covering the worlds of geekdom. Each show is made up of different segments based on B-movie titles, hosted by Casey McKinnon and/or Rudy Jahchan and featuring news, comic and movie reviews, interviews, skits and special features.

Casey McKinnon is the chick behind KitKast, which was a videoblog about sex. It was way cool and a vlog favorite of mine.

Galacticast is cool,too.

But in a different way. It has way fewer lesbians kissing and no costumes (so far!).

My major problem with it is that it feels almost just like Rocketboom. And the site is an exact replica.

Here's what I think is really happening.

Now Amanda of Rocketboom fame hinted that they may be starting a video network. Could this show by Casey and Rudy be a tryout?

I'm just speculating. But check out the show below.

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11 Comments on “[Blog Network Weekend] Galacticast:Part Of The Rocketboom Video Network?”

  1. David Krug Says:

    I can guarantee she didn’t hint. They are starting a network.

  2. Liz Strauss Says:

    They’ve definitely got a product. They’d be silly not to.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    I agree, they would be dumb not to. I just wonder if this show is a part of that? If you visit the Galacticast website it looks just the same. I didn’t have the guts or time to shoot an email to Casey and ask. I guess we’ll just wait and see…

  4. Here’s my proposal.

    No one in their right mind has time, if they’re geeky enough to have value in this digital youniverse, to watch videos or listen to podcasts, so I have a plan.

    Using my DreamStream dream record and playback system, plus a new technology for entering digital data directly into a human brain stem, we will be able to channel all these stupid videos and idiotic podcasts into our audiences’ minds…

    …as they sleep!

    I moving forward on this, whether anybody else likes the idea or not. We innovators and mad scientist bloggers must unite if we want to dominate this rotten ugly world.

  5. P.S.

    I must admit, shamefacedly, that I’m no different than you all.

    I also am addicted to a pretty girl geek video broadcast: MoBuzz TV. {“Pigeon Blogging” is a nice episode.}

  6. Brian Says:

    Don’t tell my wife, but that shot of the robot carrying the woman in the nightgown is HOT.

    Don’t ask me to explain. I don’t know why myself.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Dude, you are weird.

    Save me a seat.

  8. Yo! Here’s some clarification for ya…

    Rudy and I have nothing to do with Rocketboom. I’m sorry that you think it LOOKS like Rocketboom. I designed the site myself after Kitkast.com (which I also designed) which was in-turn designed after http://www.thepostshow.com/. If it looks like Rocketboom, it’s only because it’s an ideal design for a show like ours (one post on the main page and thumbnails to previous episodes on the bottom)… I can name many other videoblogs that have one post/page as well, but most videobloggers don’t care a lot about what their site looks like!

    Unlike Rocketboom, we are marketing our show as being its’ own network… we are broadcasting mini shows (this is why the main titles at the beginning of each episode say “Galacticast Presents”. Our favorite show is our skit show “Sci-Fi Night Live”… where this week we feature a parody called Survivor Dune. I would have liked to launch Galacticast with the skit show, but we thought it would be better to launch with News of the Worlds. We’re currently changing our schedule, though, so the skit show will be in the forefront (every Monday).

    I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you… we’re still new, so we’re still just testing the waters and working out the sound and lights in our new apartment!

    Take care,

  9. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I don’t watch a lot of vlogs. So I just made assumptions based on my very limited knowledge. I was obviously offbase (not the first time, either,as my ex-wives and girlfriends will testify!)

    Good luck with your show (even if it doen’t have underwear clad women in it!). It’s very well done and cool.

  10. Thanks, I appreciate it. And don’t worry, we may not have lingerie, but there’s bound to be sexy costumes eventually… I’m also considering painting myself green for an Orion Slave Girl spoof…

    The Post Show is a great videoblog… very funny… but I don’t watch that many videoblogs either… with my full time job and making my own videoblog, I just don’t have time for diversions!

    You take care… e-mail me anytime.

  11. The robot carrying the woman in the nightgown is a concept that I ran on the homepage of my corporate site. I used the image of Robbie the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet. I’ve since replaced the image with Maria from Metropolis.

    Funny how this blog network used the same concept I started with.

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