[Blog Network Weekend] Level 9 Media


Level9Media consists of just 3 sites. Starked LA, Starked NYC and BullThink!.

Now the Starked sites are like a poor man's Gawker. All the attitude, none of the connections. Both make for an entertaining read and I often find myself laughing outloud.

They have video clips and all the other stuff future media moguls are trying out.

BullThink is a different story. I don't get it.

That's not a bad thing but not a great thing either. I'm a big 'cool new stuff' kinda guy but I'm still trying to figure Bullthink! out.

When I do I'll let you know.

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4 Comments on “[Blog Network Weekend] Level 9 Media”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    BullThink is trying to be a real newpaper in the form of a blog. No attitude it’s the kid who carries a briefcase to high school. It takes itself seriously. There’s no satire there. Not a whisper, a hair, or a glimpse of it. Nothing to get. It’s news for the humorless.

  2. Roy T. Says:

    A poor man gawker….I like that, we are still new, still building connections and loyalties. Thanks for the compliment. As for Bullthink, I wasnted to have a news site where our readers can see ALL the headlines from around the web without having to jump around, OR reading selected headlines that the site owners pic (Drudge). I like sploid, but I think its more humor than serious.

    Liz, you are absolutly right, its the high school kid with a briefcase. I hate the term blog network, which is why not all of the sites in my network will be blogs (our upcoming dailygloss.com will actually be a combo of a editorial and a newsletter). 3 sites isnt much on the surface, but then again I only want people to see the surface right now.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    I love the Starked sites. I think they are cool.
    Bullthink! I still need to think about… 🙂

  4. […] What the hell does Clooney have to do with this stuff? He isn’t into technology, he can’t finish his projects (Las Ramblas, a $3 billion dollar project in Las Vegas he was in on with Randy Gerber and others flopped), and he sends Stan Rosenfield do everything but take a shit for him. You get an award, you be nice and take it. We are still a bit shaken from being called “The poor mans Gawker”, but it’s still better the super gay version. […]

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