[Blog Network Weekend] BizNicheMedia


Back when I started this blog, BizNicheMedia was an attempt by Andy and Rich to exploit adsense using niche topics and cheap Indian labor.

Now I do not know how successful the experiment was, but the sites are still up and still using Google ads as it's primary source of income.

The sites are not bandwidth hogs:

CRM Lowdown: 45 people a day

HIPAA Compliance Journal: 5 people a day

You get the idea.


Rich and Andy made some noise a few weeks ago when they spoke up about pay structures for blog networks. In fact, the best part of BizNicheMedia is the BizNicheMedia blog. The other blogs on their network, to use their term, blows.

But don't feel sorry for Andy, Rich and their BizNicheMedia network.

One or both are involved with sites like Proformancing, DotMarketer and even Uganda Conflict Action Network (the later obviously being a bid to get the two entreprenuers to heaven since they volunteer their services).

Plus there is some Indian chick who now knows everything about material handling.

[Blog Network Weekend is now over. 🙂 ]

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8 Comments on “[Blog Network Weekend] BizNicheMedia”

  1. David Krug Says:

    You would be suprised how incestous the blog networks are. So and so is friends with so so and so and does a little consulting for so and so. If you add it all up we all are cousins living in the Applachians.

  2. Matt Says:

    Why do I hear the music from deliverance in the background?


  3. Andy H Says:

    Rich, you told me HIPAA Compliance Journal was serving 2k impressions / day!

    I had to find out this way 😦

  4. Chrono Cr@cker Says:

    Well, I liked the decent Link Baiting contest which they held, the contest itself was good link baiting. The contest actually generated a lot of interest and more than 150 submissions. The pathetic part was the result, their choice sucked, a waste of 150 or 500, or whatever. And ofcourse when they implemented it, it went without a single a comment.

    Nice week btw chartreuse.

    However, I will agree with the first post you linked to, most networks are gonna die and it will be the ones which don’t encourage people, hopefully all the top incs.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    You liked Blog Network Weekend?

    I thought it kinda sucked.

    I gave weak analysis and the writing wasn’t really entertaining.

    But being the only one talking about it means the standards are (fortunately) real low. 🙂

  6. David Krug Says:

    Yeah, even i’m realizing how boring the networks are. I don’t even have anything to say about em.

  7. Clyde Smith Says:

    Actually, your Blog Network Weekend sucked in the same way these blog networks suck. I only discovered them recently after years of blogging and amongst all that activity, there are only a few bright spots. Most of the blogs seem incredibly boring and I get the feeling that, if anybody’s making money, it’s only people running the networks.

    So I can’t imagine getting worked up enough to dig in.

  8. Chrono Cr@cker Says:

    Well, nobody’s really bothered to critic the blog networks before with good healthy sarcasm. 😉

    But nothing and nobody sucks more than the top media networks, you know the list…..

    I’d like 4-5 nice posts criticizing each of them like this. Cheers!

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