Weekend Remix (or Howard Stern, Payola And Bad Dreams)


Know these chicks?

We'll get back to them in a second.



I have always loved Howard Stern. The Staff of NYHotlist explains exactly why Howard is heading for a fall. And I think they might be right…

Entertaining Reading: Want to know just how corrupt the modern music business is? Take a gander at The Assurance of Discontinuance document that's part of the Universal Music Group payola settlement. It's an 87 page pdf full of emails and letters between UMG and various radio stations. Or you can just check out the highlights on Coolfer.

Is anyone paying attention to this? An engineering firm hired by State Farm has drafted a generic, "one-size-fits-all" report that concludes all damage to homes on Mississippi's Gulf Coast was caused by "storm surge" and not hurricane-force winds.

State Farm's policies cover wind damage, but storm surge is considered flood water and is excluded from coverage.Paleez! You can check out the details of the lawsuit here.

Doomsday disciple Scott Karp is screaming this week about the Death of Advertising. He's right but is missing what's going to take it's place. We'll see if he can write what it is before I do. (note to self: stop teasing Scott, he's sensitive!:) )

What's good about $6 per gallon gasoline.

Now the girls…

O.K., remember the group Dream?

Probably not.

Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars of payola the public ignored them. Here's a video of the ignored song. Maybe you can figure out what went wrong with their marketing plan…

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13 Comments on “Weekend Remix (or Howard Stern, Payola And Bad Dreams)”

  1. David Krug Says:

    Besides the fact that a loser developed their outfits. Someone should take this guy out behind the barn and tell him Khaki’s don’t freaking sell shit. And neither does bad dancing, no lyrics of note. Marketing doesn’t make up for a bad product. Well unless you’ve got Rules that make everyone feel like a celebrity.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    they are pretty horrible…

    Who greenlighted the budget on for these girls?

    $300,000 just in payola for this one song. They suck.

  3. Devon K Says:

    The problem with Dream is that they only had one dance move. 🙂

  4. blaze Says:

    They can barely lip sync on a video clip

  5. Rich Says:

    I know the main point of this post was Dream, but your highlighting of the $6.00 gas is what really got me thinking…

    The argument goes, that we should like $6.00 gas b/c it will incentivize all of us to finally get rid of our SUV’s, look for more oil, find alternative fuel sources, etc.

    This line of thinking goes so far as to suggest that we should put higher and higher taxes on gas until we see the sorts of changes that we want (aka wide use of public transit like we see in the denser parts of western europe and NYC).

    The problem of course is that the US, excluding NYC and a few other places, isn’t population concentrated and it isn’t going to be any time soon. While a reasonable argument can be made that we should be pushing that direction slowly, advocating price increases akin to $6.00 a gallon will translate into pretty radical and sudden cost increases for most retail goods, for manufacturing, farming, etc. All of this increases unemployment, poverty, the accelerates the failure of American enterprise relative to human capital advantaged 3rd world countries. This also has some pretty devastating consequences even for service economies like NYC.

    My point is simply that the author accuses people of taking the easy answer of blaming Bush, while he is in fact simply taking another easy answer by not considering the ramifications of $6.00 a gallon.

    I’m all for green policies, but let’s at least make sure we know the ramifications of what we are asking for…

  6. Rich Says:

    PS im hurt BizNiche got no love on the Blog Network Weekend

  7. chartreuse Says:

    oh, the weekend isn’t over…

  8. Scrivs Says:

    The problem with Dream was that:

    1) The lead singer isn’t hot and that just doesn’t work. Pussycat Dolls lead singer is hot while girls in background could have mustaches. Beyonce is crazy hot, Michelle not so much.

    2) They were on Bad Bay (don’t know if they still are or not) and that’s too much of a conflict for much people thinking that maybe they should be a white girl hip-hop group.

    3) Diddy is notorious for having more acts than he knows how to handle and simply tosses them against the wall to see if they stick and if not forgets about them.

    They made him his cash though and in the end that’s all he was worried about.

  9. Scott Karp Says:

    Gosh, you know, I had this feeling when I flushed the toilet on advertising and watched it go down that I’d heard that sound somewhere before.

  10. Anthony Says:

    As well as what has already been pointed out about their abilities and hotness, Dream failed because there was no story. They where formed by a talent scout. That’s not a story. That’s a marketing plan. The Pussycat Dolls have one hell of a story. Even though there is probably just as much marketing behind them, there’s a background that pre-dates the big push that gives them that cool factor.

  11. Yaro Says:

    That’s the first time I’ve heard of Dream and based on watching the film clip I think there is one simple reason why they failed – that song stinks.

    If your product doesn’t provide value it doesn’t matter how much marketing you have it won’t gain traction or reach a tipping point. You need value and for a pop group it’s good tracks.


  12. carmia Says:

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  13. smedley Says:

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