Beyonce, Michael Arrington And F*ck You Money (or Blogging:What’s In It For You)

 Let talk money.

For some reason the topic seems to bother people. They don't want to be seen as making too much or little.



The reason I bring it up is because of an interesting post Beyonce Tyme posted on her website.

It seems the new ads on TechCrunch should make Mike Arrington about $360,000 a year.

That, as my streetwise friends would say, is "fuck you money". (meaning if anybody asks you to do something you can afford to say "Fuck You!")

Now this blog is ffaarr from making me "fuck you" money.

I don't run ads and this blog generates income directly only from consulting. It has generated me almost 5 figures since January so I really can't complain but I really would like some of that Arrington cheese.

But this blog has been valuable in many more ways you can't really put a price on.

I get to communicate with some really smart people.

I get emails and calls all the time from folks doing some really cool stuff.

I have my fingerprints on many interesting (and hopefully profitable) projects. They range from a simple video sex project my brother is testing in California to stuff involving music, education, stocks and ARGs.

I have loss many consulting gigs because my price is too high (note: I won't lower it, don't ask!) and turned down many opportunities because I'm just too busy.

But I'm just like you.

I don't blog for the money.

I blog to make fun of David Krug.

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29 Comments on “Beyonce, Michael Arrington And F*ck You Money (or Blogging:What’s In It For You)”

  1. Take the money.

    Consultants need consultants too. No Charge for that one 🙂

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Since you are the official chartreuse (beta) financial guru I heed to your wisdom.

    And thanks for not charging me!

  3. Loren Says:

    Poor Krug. Guy just can’t catch a break.

  4. VampireFeet Says:

    So now this site has a finacial guru, too.
    Since you already have an official poet and SEO expert I guess I’ll tryout for official dogwalker!

    Good post. Arrington should make as much money as he can but that’s not why we blog.

  5. Diane Ensey Says:

    While most of us would blog even if we didn’t make money at it – either directly or indirectly – there is nothing wrong with making money at blogging. Or anything else. I went to an ultra-liberal Evergreen State College and it seemed to me that the those who sneered about exchanging money for something you love to do either were trust fund babies so they didn’t have to make their own money, or living in their parent’s basement creating “art” that noone in the right mind would pay them for.

    I’d love to see some of that fuck you money – that doesn’t make me a whore, does it?

  6. chartreuse Says:

    Money is such a touchy issue with people. I'm just like everyone else, I need more of it. But that's not why I do anything.

    I had a job I hated one time and my second ex-wife told me to quit. She made more than enough to support our lifestyle so she insisted I quit and focus on the stuff I wanted. I felt weird for a while then realized I was lucky as fuck.

    So here's my advice to people who want to persuse things but don't have the cash: Marry up!

  7. candice Says:

    There’s a song by Brooklyn Funk Essentials called “I Got Cash” that I instantly thought of on seeing this post.

    I wonder how many of us here live and die by the 1099?

  8. can’t marry up if you look like me.

  9. Mr Angry Says:

    I’d love it if I made a full-time living from blogging but you’re right, it isn’t the number one reason I do it. Obviously I’d be running ads if that was my be-all and end-all. Right now I’m blogging because it’s hella fun. Hella is still a cool thing to say isn’t it?

  10. Mike Rundle Says:

    That picture of the kid with the clock totally reminds me of the crazy stunts I’d pull with my boys back Freshman year at RIT. Man I wish we had Flickr back then 🙂

  11. Diane Ensey Says:

    Mr. Angry – I think “wicked” has replaced “hella”

  12. chartreuse Says:

    I thought 'sick" replaced both of those. But what do I know, I'm a grown-ass man… 🙂

  13. Liz Strauss Says:

    Wicked and sick are so last Thursday. Now it’s just “so” back to minimalism.

  14. Brian Says:

    Exactly Liz. For this crowd’s ears only, the new cool thing to say until Friday is…

  15. Liz Strauss Says:

    Just what I was thinking, Brian. Just what I was thinking.

  16. […] His sites are a disaster. Don’t know the guy or why people talk about him. Has he built anything? Chartreuse must have really gotten to him. […]

  17. David Krug Says:

    Loren, since you don’t have comments on your site. Where are my sites. I actually only have 2 at the moment. JOAB and What are you talking about?
    Even when I leave I get hit with potshots.

  18. Loren Says:

    No potshots. I picked up on JOAB during the blog wars. I didn’t know who you were or what sites you or work you did prior to that. I started to read you and you’ve been all over the place in terms of projects and associations, and plans. Also, the way you wrote about people during your earler “snark” period made you out as someone people wanted to root against. This very blog spoke of it. I wasn’t one of them. I like balls. But your lastest posts are just pathetic. I was not being snarky at all. I meant it. It’s just sad to watch. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun in a car wreck kind of way. But I wasn’t taking potshots. Really. I hope the best for you. You just seem well..depressed.

  19. David Krug Says:

    Well if this is geniune concern for my “depression” this is the way I want to be reached out to.

  20. Jeff Says:

    let’s see. at fine fools writing snark. has a dispute. leaves fine fools after massive blow up with paul scrivs.

    launches erati. erati disappears. works at blogmedia, leaves blogmedia. launches problogging, then problogging goes unupdated for weeks at a time.

    says is going to stop writing snark. then snark part-time. then no snark. now lots of snark.

    blogs half seriously for awhile about blog marketing. stops. goes back to snark.

    has a few more massive blow ups with paul scrivs in the meantime.

    writes a post about joining valleywag, turns out that isn’t true. blogs about it the next day.

    makes up a bunch of stuff about heather armstrong. blogs it.

    sells off most of his blogs.

    has a $500 wordpress contest for a theme. never announces a winner – did this ever get paid out? who won anyways?

    has yet another public blowup with paul scrivs

    talks about a blogger’s collective, which sounds relatively interesting. then nothing.

    talks about launching a blog ad network. then nothing happens with that.

    did i miss anything?

    is there a project that you have completed?

  21. David Krug Says:

    hahahahh omg

    To answer all your questions in one simple swath since I’m under the microscope. It was never my choice to leave Fine Fools. I tried with all my heart to keep that together and yet make it profitable. With no help from Scrivs. I felt like Erati should have been given more time to develop. BlogMedia’s staff went another direction. And pressured me to merge it into their stable. Ultimately I think this is what brought about our separation. I singlehandedly negotiated the purchase of ProBlogging and BlogHerald. ME JEFF. ME.

    ProBlogging was never meant to be a blog. It’s updated and being marketed heavily to new bloggers and people looking to join the ranks of probloggers. It’s a design shop, a place to help advertisers connect with bloggers, and to help companies start blogging.

    The theme contest received 4 entries none that met the qualifications for entry. Unfortanetly. No entry was based on original content, none not a single one was CSS compliant. ZERO. Nothing to fucking announce there. I’ve done due dilegence to email a few of them. And reply.

    The Bloggers Collective its in the planning stages, as is the advertising network.
    They will work hand in hand. I make no promises. I realize many will probably sit around and fart and be disappointed that the products aren’t worthless. Because they hope for worthlessness so they can talk shit. I’m bring in a few developers to make this successful.

    In fact if you want real details. Here we go. I’ve been actively working with leaders in the advertising industry to help roll out an advertising network. Woot. And I’m slowly surrounding myself with people I can believe to develop a bloggers collective. Just cuz I post it on my blog doesn’t mean its going to grow wings and develop itself over night.

    When i was with BlogMedia I worked hard to get advertising for each and every blog in the network and to make it profitable. I did that b4 I left. I went far and behind my required rewards and job tasks.

    Projects I’ve completed:
    Launched an awesome blog better than yours Jeff. Whoever you are. Better than all of Loren’s sites combined. I’ve done a damn good job of that. I’ve launched blogs interally for the National Renewable Energy Lab. I’m working with a few other consumer groups to launch internal and external blog networks. I’m currently under 3 NDA’s to help develop blog related products and other shit.
    I’ve put together a great hosting package for bloggers @ ProBlogging and continue to market it. I spend time daily marketing my blog designers. I spend tim e working on SEO for affiliate programs that I profit off of.

    If you’d also like a list of my current and past vacation spots, and all my forum posts I can send that over to your secretary.


  22. David Krug Says:

    I forgot to mention I’ve moved close to 20k in blog advertising in the last 3 months. I’ve pushed around a rumored 100k in blog sales with more to come. Even if its less its still more than your moving around.

  23. Shane Says:

    Yea an what about jackass. You put that on your blog a while back as a place to put funny videos. That never happened either, I finally figured it out that it was ruse to get people to go see you adsense for domains setup.

  24. […] 1938 Media, perhaps unsurprisingly, doesn’t have comments turned on, so you can follow the discussion here. […]

  25. […] Preface: I’ve been sitting on this post for about 4 days now wondering whether to post it or not. But today I see this and this (it’s in the comment on that last link) and I said fuck it … if you’re gonna be gonzo then be gonzo all the fucking way! […]

  26. chartreuse Says:

    Wow, what is this about?

    I guess as the owner of this blog i should put a stop to this. But it is just too entertaining to watch. 🙂

    Have fun.

  27. Loren Says:

    Oy vey. Of course you are not going to stop it. It’s good TV. So wish everyone had video. I love using it. But maybe because I’m good looking. I just asked who he was because his posts have been out there. I linked to an article here. I dont have comments turned on at my company site turned on because I don’t want this craziness over there, so here you are. Stop laughing.

    I don’t get it.

    I do get that I’d love to be producing the

    “The David Krug Variety Show”


    I’d make it a live event. And then downloadable to ipods and YouTube.

    Make ringtones of him screaming


    Krug can make appearance fees at clubs, Like babba booey.

  28. David Krug Says:

    I might add that i dont’ make money on the domain setup from GoDaddy. If I end up developing it. I will let you know. Peace out.

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