[Great People Weekend] Kate

"I want to take a year off," I started.

"To do what?"

"Don't know. Nothing. Not put a tie on. Get to know my kids properly."

"But how would we earn money?" Kate asked.

"We wouldn't," I replied.

"Then how would we live?"

"Off the redundancy payment."

"How long would that last?"

"If we were sensible, it could last for a year," I replied. "We'd have to move to a smaller house. And sell the Subaru. And the nanny would have to go."

"And what would happen at the end of the year?

"We'd be fucked. All our savings would be gone. I'd be a forgotten, 40-year-old advertising executive who hadn't worked for a year. Unemployable."

"So I get twice the husband, half the income and at the end of the year we'll both have to work in Woolworths?"


Kate thought for a minute. "If we do this, will you be less of an arsehole?"

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4 Comments on “[Great People Weekend] Kate”

  1. Really good find – thx

  2. Liz Strauss Says:

    I’m not convinced about the less of an arsehole part. 🙂 Could I see the end of the story . . .

  3. You could tell her what she wants to hear. Just say “You beauty queen. I rove you.”

    When she queries, “You mean you love me?” Say, “No, I rove you, like a mobile servile phone or an alien SUV on the pine tundra.”

    When she asks for a puff, say “No magic dragon for you today.” Then disappear or turn invisible instantly, walk through the nearest wall, and fly off to Walmart.

    Money is…

  4. Liz Strauss Says:

    Thank you, Steven.
    I feel so much better now. 🙂

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