Is It Too Late To Dumb Down The Good Guys? (Why We Might Lose The Net Neutrality Fight)


Why are the good guys so dumb?

Why in the world do we smart people feel we prove our smartness by being boring?

Case in point: Net Neutrality


Now I haven't said much about 'net neutrality' except this but the issue is very important.

Of course all we smart internet folks have framed the issue all wrong.

Want to know how to frame the issue? Look at this site.

The site is the telecoms answer to all our talk about 'Net Neutrality'.

Compare it to ours.

Now if you are Mr. Average Joe which site is easier to understand?

We have a freaking cable line as the first thing you see on the page! WTF?!?

While the bad guys have a bunch of people on the front page.

If you are a normal person who doesn't own a blog and only use the net to email your mom and look at porn what site looks like it's speaking for you?


And who came up with the phrase 'net neutrality'?

It's horrible.

What the fuck does it mean?

Why didn't all us smart folks come up with something simple and grassroots like, say, hands off!

You know why? Because most of us live in a bubble.

We try to talk to everyone else like we talk to each other.

Dude, that ain't gonna work.

The only way you can influence the hearts and minds of people is to explain your side in a way the people you are trying to influence will understand.

In a world where people are bombarded with advertisments and issues it might help to make your shit simple.

If we lose this it will be because we were too smart for our own fucking good.

Here's a tip for next time there's a big issue you need folks to rally behind.

It's always about families.

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8 Comments on “Is It Too Late To Dumb Down The Good Guys? (Why We Might Lose The Net Neutrality Fight)”

  1. Brian Says:

    Yep. All the “smart” people are diving down into legislative minutia while the telcos (who, let’s face it, have us outgunned across the board… especially with expertise is consumer-based messaging) are hitting a home run with simplicity.

    It’s the same skill set that convinced the American middle class to vote Republican, and therefore against their own economic interests. I think you’ll recall that the family angle was used then, too.

  2. Thanks for the whomp upside the head.

    Must now go to Flickr to find pix of families b/c my own…

    Well, I think there’s a reason smart people “forget” what it’s all about. Sigh…

  3. chartreuse Says:

    “No Child Left Behind” , “The Clean Air Act” , “The Patriot Act”

    Though they all were the opposite of what they said the issues were framed to make it look differently.

    George Bush 101.

  4. “No interest rate too high”

    “Dollars Shmollars”

    “Wickedly cool weapons dude”

    Chyna? or CHEINA?

    Bush’s new slogans

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    Net Neutrality = You already got the money.

  6. Common Cause has a clickable button to the Hands Off My Internet petition, which I signed months ago.

    I have displayed the button mentioned above for months. Hooray for me, I know but my point is: Net Neutrality is a phrase in usage, Doc Searls uses it, and it’s not the best, but it’s the term the web guys like us use, like “blog”, the ugly little word that does a lot.

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    In 1988, The Last Temptation of Christ tanked after weeks of angry protests organized by Catholics around the world. This weekend, The Da Vinci Code opened with the had the thirteenth biggest opening weekend in America, ever, and the…

  8. Bruno Says:

    Could it be that your hyping up a problem that doesn’t exist? The internet operates just fine right now and the only thing extensive goernment regulation would do is cripple investment and innovation.

    If the telecos tried to block consmers form viewing a popular site, they would lose lots of customers and only hurt their profits and shareholders. As I mentioned, this debate is about solving a hypothetical problem.

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