The Tuesday Remix (The “What If Angelina Jolie Was President ?” Edition)

Adam links to a stablized copy of the Zapruder film, showing the Kennedy Assasination in a new light.

Smart Girl Liz teaches you how to spot trends and climb hills.

Bob Lefsetz compares his life to A.J.'s on the Sopranos. 

Today is not a good day to be David Krug.

Future ex-wife Angelique discusses Feel Good Songs.

Jason Boog performs at the WYSIWYG Talent Show (note to Jason: VIDEO!)

Half of Namibians believe the day Angelina Jolie gives birth should be declared a national holiday. I actually thought that that was already announced…

Speaking of me, I have a few interviews coming up that are going to be totally hot.

Like what if Angelina Jolie was president hot.

I have truly outdone myself.


One more thing. Have you taken the blogging survey,yet?

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11 Comments on “The Tuesday Remix (The “What If Angelina Jolie Was President ?” Edition)”

  1. Matt Says:

    Ouch, i had missed those posts. That hurts ;(

    and now, more important things, I leave in an hour for the Sox/Yankees game 😉

  2. chartreuse Says:

    yeah, they came at him pretty hard. But he’ll be fine.

    And tell Jeter that Mariah number he gave me was bogus!

  3. Matt Says:

    I have had to teach my parents how to properly swear at the Yanklees. Jeter included. They did well at practice today.


  4. VampireFeet Says:

    If Angelina was President Africa would be a great place to live 🙂

  5. Robert Bruce Says:

    I’m looking forward to these interviews…


  6. chartreuse Says:

    They are going to be refreshing, informative and entertaining.

    It’s 3 interviews on 3 different sites.

    And you’re going to have to watch them all to get the whole picture… 🙂

  7. David Krug Says:

    My rebuttal to all of this nonsense can be summed up by either going to JOAB, or punching in Loren Feldman New York Hot into Google. Have Fun.

  8. William K Says:

    She’s got my vote! Pretty funny blog entry. You must be a witty/sarcastic and creative person! Cheers!

  9. Vince Chan Says:

    Did Flava Flav lose his clock?

  10. […] Thanks Chartreuse (BETA), for finding this. […]

  11. gratisdingen Says:

    Would realy like her!
    Think she is better than Bush!

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