The Wednesday Remix (The Paris Hilton meets Hip Hop Edition)


Fightin' Over Me by Paris Hilton, featuring Jadakiss


The spread of Wal-Wart.

Starbucks learns that folks are really over CDs.

The Roots "Don't Feel Right" (mp3)

Technorati's secrets revealed

The Best New Mashups

How To Change Your Mind

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28 Comments on “The Wednesday Remix (The Paris Hilton meets Hip Hop Edition)”

  1. Cathy Marrison Says:

    I hate Paris Hilton. She is a slut and I don’t know why all you guys think she is sexy. She is just a rich bitch.

  2. VampireFeet Says:

    That Paris Hilton song is the worse music I have heard in a long time. Thanks for the link!

  3. Matt Says:

    I find her completely unattractive.

  4. Those media bars were such a retarded idea. The point I think was to scare others that were thinking of something like that from doing so. Therefore, they at least are owed some thanks from venture capitalists

  5. Just wanted to be the first with four in a row. I will stop now.

    Big game tonight monsier Prince

  6. meettravis Says:

    If i can give Paris a little advise.
    Only sing the hooks on tracks. dont publicizes its you, only put it in the liner notes, let people discover it.
    Dont try to carry a complete album right now, no one will believe it. no matter how good the songs is. music is a relationship,

    I hate to tell you Howard, but the Mavs will beat the Suns!!

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Speaking of Mavs vs. Suns…

  8. you rock – i am putting on my blog for posterity – first half was all nash

  9. I would like a retraction on the Mav rhetoric for from Travis and Prince. SunzZZZZ

  10. Mr Angry Says:

    I’m going to have to start reading some US sports sites so I understand this Mavs/Suns back and forth

  11. meettravis Says:

    ok ok

  12. chartreuse Says:

    Good game.
    Take that back…great game.
    The NBA has returned.

  13. meettravis Says:

    I agree, the NBA is great again. This has been the best set of playoff games in years.

  14. chartreuse Says:

    No one even thinks about Jordan anymore. For all he did to improve the game he made it harder for those who came after. Now we finally have people who don’t even remember him. He’s like Magic Johnson. Great player but lets see the new guys.

    I still think the mavs will take the entire thing. With a string of 7 game series.

    The Shaq era is over. Just nobody told him yet.

  15. Brian Says:

    Uggg… went to game… Mavs lose… hungover.

  16. meettravis Says:

    Shaq, Jordan,Bird,Magic. they did what they where suppose to do. Sparkle(inspire) and Fade. Its just like the internet economy, you Sparkle and Fade. (aka Hotmail, Netscape,Friendster, the list will continue)
    Though i would like to see Shaq get one without Kobe, just to rub it in his face. But on a related note Kobe had the “Nastiest” dunk of the playoffs on Nash

  17. chartreuse Says:

    Howard, don’t click on that link.
    It’s. Not. Pretty.

    Sparkle and Fade.
    I’m going to have to remix that!

  18. David Stern is one of the main reasons

    The shooters have also gotten so good that the inside game has opened up.

    If only the east played open like the west.

    I was twenty feet away from that dunk.

    I saidd it on m blog – Kobe is underrrated

    Brian – Nowitzki is great – just not Nash. Doesnt improve anyone else on the team and his temper will quickly show itself like last year.

  19. By the way – if you had followed my blog the last 2 weeks you would all have cash to be joining me here in Phoenix for games three and four.

    That kobe dunk had to go on my blog though. I was pretty close to it and it looked better in person. – despite the obvious charge

  20. VampireFeet Says:

    I forgot you was this site’s financial guy. Is it too late to get in on the moneymaking?

    And the charge was obvious. But St. Kobe gets away with it.

  21. read the blog – gems galore

  22. Brian Says:

    Sparkle and Fade is an Everclear reference… you had to get that one Char.

  23. Brian Says:

    Oh hell… all I can hope for is a Nowitzki dunk over Nash that is *half* that intimidating.

    Hate Kobe, will always love Nash, but if he caught a nasty bit of 10-day food poisoning I’d be so damn happy.

  24. Whats that worth to you Brian. I kmow where he eats in Phoenix 🙂

  25. Brian Says:

    You wouldn’t do it Howard, don’t be a tease.

    Since all my readers will leave if I start rambling about the Mavs on my blog, it looks like it’s on between us right here in the Chartreuse (Beta) comments.

    Char, can you go ahead and set up postgame posts for me to taunt Howard after three more inevitable Mav wins? 🙂

  26. amanda avilez Says:

    she may act dumb, but people are just hatin on her cause sh’e beautiful,rich,caring,lovable,etc. people are just mad cause they cant live the life shes living and shes living large,
    loves it bitch and love paris

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