[music video break] Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is huge everywhere but has never been able to get any real traction in the US. The guy's a real rockstar.

He was originally in the boy band Take That. He left the group and became huge. So huge that when the band Take That got back together this year he had a 20ft hologram of himself perform in his place.


Below is his performance on Austrailian television.

Funny Stuff.

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8 Comments on “[music video break] Robbie Williams”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    Why am I not surprised that you like Robbie Williams? 🙂 He is one of the most arrogant singers in the universe. I’ll admit that he has a great sense of humor but I don’t like him.

    Nice video choice.

  2. Loren Says:

    I love him. It’s funny how he never made it here. Yeah he’s a real rockstar alright. Takes one to know one 😉 Sex, drugs, and Rock & Soul. He should be huge here. How good is Rock DJ? Real good. Why do you think he was never able to crack this market?

  3. Char, I think from now on I’m gonna just visit this site instead of turning on MTV (although you seem to be competing closer w/vh1 on some of these 😉 )

  4. Dave Says:

    Here is the best example of how huge in the UK.
    Quote from Knebworth webstie ” In August 2003 Knebworth Park hosted the biggest music event in British history as Robbie Williams performed to 375,000 people over three days… ” . When you know who has played there, you realise what an achievement that is, no matter if you love or hate the guy.

  5. Diane Ensey Says:

    Love Robbie Williams – and his comments were funny and very on target. We’re back to a rant on MSM – why is it so self-centered? Why ignore what is hot and interesting in the rest of the world?

  6. chartreuse Says:

    I really have no idea why he never made it here but if I had to blame anyone it would be American radio.

  7. Renee Says:

    I don`t understand why you people downunder don`t love him. He`s the best! Robbie is the best entertainer ever. Listen to his songs. listen to the words. He wants to tell you something. The lyrics isn`t just a bunch of crap about love. I know Australia is great, but you really need to learn somethings from us in the Europe. We love Robbie, although he might seem arrogant at times. Who cares? I love him for his music and stageperformance. I really hope you can give him a chance and learn to love him aswell. I promise, you won`t regret.

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