Understanding Today’s Consumer (Or How To Guarantee You Don’t Get That Marketing Job)


Welcome to Chartreuse(beta) Shoes. Thanks for applying for the marketing position.

I see you have 10 years of marketing experience. That's too bad.



Because that means you probably have no idea how to sell to people today. Experience is the worse teacher.

No, it's not the same.

Let me ask you something. Do you know what made MySpace popular?

No. It was the people already on MySpace.

You misunderstand. This is not about user-generated content.


You really don't get it.

I'll tell you.

It's about creating ways for the people who love our shoes to be able to tell others about them. If that means ads then they have to be viral. If it means blogs then they have to be viral. If that means user generated content then it has to be viral.

Our best salespeople are those who actually wear our shoes.

Maybe you should apply for the delivery position instead.

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13 Comments on “Understanding Today’s Consumer (Or How To Guarantee You Don’t Get That Marketing Job)”

  1. Mark Says:

    Since when did “years of experience” come to equal the same thing as “been locked in a closet, oblivious to the changes around me”?

    10 years of experience is a great thing, if one has been providing relevant solutions over that whole time. Not so great, if one is still providing ’96 answers in any field — not just marketing.

    BTW: I just came across this, thought you might find it a tad interesting
    What do teens do?

  2. chartreuse Says:

    thanks for posting that link. great stuff.

    I think, if you’re dealing with all this new media stuff, experience is a great trainer. It’s not a great teacher.

    But what do I know, I don’t have 10 years of experience 🙂

  3. Mark Says:

    Regarding anything, the best teachers don’t teach — they train. The best students allow themselves to be taught from the training they’ve received.

    As far as selling to todays consumer, be it shoes, watches, ring tones, video games, new media or ideas, the most important thing to remember is that “todays consumer” is not a market group, but an individual. Historically, be it 5, 10, 25 or 100 years ago, if you meet and treat individuals “where they are” then you’ve made the connection, gained the trust, and if applicable, the sale.

    But then again, I’ve got over 15 years of experience, so what do I know. 😉

  4. chartreuse Says:

    I agree with you.

    the point of the post was restating something i have said before.

    Ads are dead.


  5. candice Says:

    Mmm. Shoes.

    I totally want those black ones now to replace my dead strappy sandals. Even though the skinny silver heel is so last year. They’ll come around.

  6. candice Says:

    Also, it means putting your tv commercials up on your website so that people can watch and share them. I’ve found myself searching all over for certain tv commercials to link to my friends who are so tivo-addicted they never watch them.

  7. TerryC Says:

    I think there is a disconnect between advertisers and the public. We know that you want to sell your stuff. But they insist on shoving things down my face.

    I agree with Char, make it easy for me to tell you and my friends that your product sucks.

    I also think he has some type of shoe fetish. 🙂

  8. chartreuse Says:

    I have a chick fetish. The shoes just remind me of them!

  9. chartreuse Says:

    I have a chick fetish. The shoes just remind me of them!

    and sorry for posting last year’s shoe Candice! I’ll have to watch that.

  10. candice Says:

    They’re still cool shoes. But this summer is all about wedges and chunky shoes and stuff like that. (Driving me crazy, actually, I like stuff that tends towards the more elegant side.)

  11. blaze Says:

    This is so true. I find it funny how girls on msn leave comments on other (good looking or not) girls pictures saying things like: “OMG YR SO BEAUTIFUL” or “UR LIKE SO SEXY, BE MINE.” and all of that bollocks.

    They are really just stealing shoe ideas from those girls because they like the shoes (or something).

  12. petet Says:

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