The feels like it’s Monday but it’s really Tuesday Daily Remix (Or why I email Brian Clark one insult a day)


I email Brian Clark on average, about 1 insult a day.



You see, though we started our blogs around the same time, and despite the fact that my blog is much more interesting, Brian kills me traffic-wise.

His technorati numbers kill me as well.

But today he posted a little bit on how he did it.

It's a good read. You should check it out. Or not.

Another good post I saw today was about what's wrong with the Enron verdict. Actually it's a great post which included Tampa, dancing and federal judges.

There is no such thing as a low interest category.

 “or why vonage sucks, and you should short it all the way to zero

So Simon Dorfman has this website where he records video interviews of fellow-New Orleanians and distribute them via his website.

Here's a recent interview with Candice (yeah, the chick who comments on this blog!). She talks about katrina and it's aftermath.

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17 Comments on “The feels like it’s Monday but it’s really Tuesday Daily Remix (Or why I email Brian Clark one insult a day)”

  1. Brian Says:

    Are you sure it’s only one a day?

  2. […] Why Chartreuse emails me one insult (at least) per day. […]

  3. VampireFeet Says:

    Candice is cute. Does she have a boyfriend?

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Brian, You are right, it could be more…

    Don’t know the personal life of my readers Vamp (except that issue you had with that girl in ’04 🙂 ).

  5. Brian – I like the one a day idea – I wish your site really sucked so that I could make fun of it. Too bad for you I know everything about blogging from reading this blog so I only have to visit your Dallass loving site every OTHER day. 🙂

    I invited your man Cuban to the game tonight or one of his entirage. have not heard back – posted the invite on my blog.

    Vampire Feet is totally out of line. She looks like a werefolf kind of woman.

    Welcome back Chartreuese.

  6. Robert Bruce Says:

    Cool interview Candice. Well done.

    And I’m glad someone’s trying to keep Clark humble… btw, why didn’t stick on him? More I think of it, the cooler it becomes…

    I’ve got one for Strauss too.

    I’m a handle factory today.

  7. Robert Bruce Says:

    “The Closer” should be inserted between “didn’t” and “stick” in the above.

    That’s actually a cool sentence…

  8. Brian Says:

    Robert, I really don’t want images of Kyra Sedgwick popping into my head everytime I hear my nickname. 🙂

  9. candice Says:

    Vamp sweetheart, the answer to that question is always yes, whether I do or don’t.

  10. Robert Bruce Says:

    Nice 🙂

    Actually, my association is with the scene in Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwin lays out the sales contest….

    I’ll honor the Sedgwick thing and let it go. You’ve got a good point there.

  11. candice Says:

    Also. Dear something you put me on youtube. Okay.

    Thanks y’all.

  12. Brian – just back from the woooopin we laid on you kids from Dallas. Yeehaw – that’s the only western talk I know

  13. Brian Says:

    It’s only going to hurt more for you at the end Howard. You know that.

  14. Keytronix Says:

    Internet famous.

    How about blog famous.
    Baby momma famous.
    Train Famous.
    Hood famous.

    Ok. So I got carried away. It was fun.

  15. Brian nothing hurts me according to my therapist. i ama cosld dead fish. She is wrong though, her bills hurt me.

  16. VampireFeet Says:

    You must not realize that I own a Ferarri!

  17. candice Says:

    Honey, if you did, I doubt you’d be trying to pick up girls on someone else’s blog. 😉

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