The Day After Tuesday Bloggers Remix (or nine rules, ten feet, and four hundred thirty six comments but it’s the pictures that really change the world)


Can pictures change the world?

SexNotWork: What really happened.

Free Pheonix Suns Ringtone

Writers with blogs

It's true. People think owning your own business is not a 'real job'

436 comments and a review

So who now owns Jack Of All Blogs? And what makes tenfootsquare different from 9rules?

B.L. Ochman: On Blogging and the Influence of Bloggers

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13 Comments on “The Day After Tuesday Bloggers Remix (or nine rules, ten feet, and four hundred thirty six comments but it’s the pictures that really change the world)”

  1. Dan Zarrella Says:

    That’d be me that now owns JOAB. I’m hoping to keep the spirit of the cowboy alive, and shoot my thoughts, rants, tips and news on the business of blogging.
    Any thoughts y’all have would be greatly appreciated, as we prepare for the transition.

  2. Diane Ensey Says:

    OMG – was that a person actually taking responsibility for something that didn’t go as planned? Whoa, I…I feel dizzy. The world as I know it is no longer the same…

    All kidding aside, thanks for the truth, Paul!

  3. Clyde Smith Says:

    I join Diane in being surprised at the openness of Paul’s comments on Sex Not Work. Makes me wonder why he closed the comments but, from occasionally checking out the “dialogue” happening around some of these blog networks, maybe that was for the best!

    But I was impressed by what sounded like an honest confession of failure.

  4. David Krug Says:

    Dan Zarella, of Boston Web Properties is the new owner of JOAB. I look forward to supporting him during the entire process. And then getting out of the way. It’s been a fun ride over their that’s for sure .

    TenFootSquare and 9rules are two completely different models. While 9rules has no apparent monetizing capability, and it appears its primary monetizing is inward. TenFootSquare’s future lies in helping bloggers monetize their own sites,gain recognition, and sharing ideas.

    We strive to not compete with 9rules, or any other network as we aren’t a network. We freely allow members from any network to feel free to be apart. We want to grow smartly and responsibly.

    I look forward as I return to blogging as usual to jump in on these conversations more.


  5. Jeff Says:

    Blah blah blah, more bullshit from the bullshitter.

    Let’s see Tenfootsquare. When are you going to abandon this effort?
    like fine fools
    like erati
    like blogmedia

    You’re runnin about over here talking about healthcare for bloggers. I can’t wait to see your plans for this. What experience do you have running something like that? None.

    Who in their right mind would trust you to do something like that? Certainly not me or the hundreds of others you’ve been feeding lines of bullshit to ever since you popped up on the blog radar screen.

    You can’t even take the feedback delivered in the other thread here on Chartreuse. How are you going to take the feedback from someone about their health care when they don’t get what they want?

    “Erati Media is a community of creators,” said David Krug, Community Director for Erati Media, “it’s a unique forum for talented, often overlooked, writers to leave a mark on mainstream media.”

    Yeah, ok, that sure worked out well.

    I wish you luck. I really do. But I won’t be suprised when this effort fails.


  6. Brian Says:

    As well written as that is, it’s got to be Meme…

  7. Matt Says:

    Hell hath no fury…

  8. VampireFeet Says:

    Who’s Meme?

  9. Scrivs Says:

    Kind of sad when taking responsibility and being honest gets you so much praise. Not that I’m complaining 🙂

  10. David Krug Says:

    Come out and take me on like a man. Give me your blog link. For the record. I had no ownership stake in Fine Fools so fuqof. I had only a stake in Erati, and actually I don’t have experience in running something like that. That’s why if you follow my link I know and am connected to people who do. Do I care about bloggers (if you are a blogger) who needs healthcare or what not that’s fine. If you feel you can’t / won’t or attempt to understand the scenarios with Fine Fools that’s your issue. Have you come out and asked for explanation on these other projects? Nope. Yet I havent scraped other projects I’ve been working on for years that are less profiled.

    Shit sometimes its better to keep the money makers secret. Just so you know Jeff I do some government consulting now and again that pays the bills real well. If you ‘d like I can forward you to that extension and let you talk to some folks.

    If you would like I can send you over some of my military details as well. Shit get a life. And get over with it.

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