Conservatives, Cellphones And Carlin (The Friday Remix)


Is it just me or did this week fly?



So the National Review made a list of what it calls the the 50 greatest conservative rock songs of all time. The rebuttals are funny as well. 

There has also been a good fight going on about the value of 'the hive' or web 2.0. It's really just a matter of people asking the wrong questions…as usual.

Nobody really cares too much about folks on 'lockdown'. But technology is changing prisons in ways different than you realize. A Look At Cellphones and Prisons.

Everyone knows I love a good line. So does my future ex-wife. Who also celebrates her blogs one year anniversary.

Howard (the official financial advisor for this blog) gives us a look at the next 6 months of the year.

Does anyone want to do some simple webdesign?

Is this type of advertising effective?

The Purpose Driven Life Takers (Part 1)

And to help you adjust to the weekend here's George Carlin telling a joke.

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8 Comments on “Conservatives, Cellphones And Carlin (The Friday Remix)”

  1. Brian Says:

    The Aristocrats!

    Filthiest movie ever.

  2. it was ok.

    Not a bad idea though for us to create a vlog version of bloggers interpreting one of these posts or market predictions or commenting on where the blog world is going.

    Who will spearhead this for us. I think it would be funny and hip.

  3. then we only let 200 people watch it because chartreuse appears for a flash second. We can throw in one of those one thousand paintings to boot.

    Those 200 people are flown to Tampa to get to meet chartreuse in person.

  4. heh heh who needs help adjusting to the weekend?

  5. chartreuse Says:

    This was a short week for me. I’m still behind…I need help 🙂

  6. VampireFeet Says:

    Good idea Howard!

  7. lets hook up on it vampire dude.

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