just how creative is a nuclear bomb? (Or the Fight Club, MySpace and George Clinton Remix)



Our resident poet, Robert Bruce has been accepted into 9rules. (Nice work Bruce! Don't forget us unbranded masses!) So did Karl of Customer Experience Strategy, which is another site I dig. See the entire list and then complain to Tyme about it (since, unlike others, she allows comments on her blog…)

…While we could say a nuclear bomb is technically "creative", due to the sporadic brain trauma and evil specializations of its painful artificial birth, we generally reserve the word to ethical, benevolent, or at least non-harming items, like a poem, painting, music composition, clothing fashion, gourmet recipe, or hairstyle…[vaspers]

I tried to explain a few weeks ago why Ray Nagin won the re-election in New Orleans, but I recently was informed that It's All (George) Clinton's Fault.

Popcorn, X-Men and the problem with surveys 

My favorite doomsday dude gets mentioned in the NYTimes talking about…MySpace. Cool mention Scott!

My favorite Genius dude digs Fight Club.

And Adam explains this site to the folks who just don't get it. Thanks Adam!

Free parting prizes for reading this far:

(MP3's of new songs)

Chistina Aguilera "AIN'T NO OTHER MAN"

Method Man featuring Lauryn Hill "Say"

Rick Ross feat. Nina Sky "Flippin' That"

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6 Comments on “just how creative is a nuclear bomb? (Or the Fight Club, MySpace and George Clinton Remix)”

  1. Tyme Says:

    Actually there is a clickable list on Ping Six. I’m in the process of moving everything over from Not Too Geeky to Ping Six. Feel free to join the conversation.

  2. Adam Elend Says:

    Thought you would dig that photo, Char.

  3. Robert Bruce Says:

    Thanks Char, very cool and very interesting.

    Obviously a good thing for me.

    But maybe more importantly, a good thing for Amercian poems and it’s readers.

    I like that 9r has the guts to throw me around with the rest of them. Haven’t had time, but I’ll write something up about it tonight on KGP.

    We’ll see where this goes…

    Adam, that was a damn good post by the way.

  4. Adam and Bruce – better news – you are on my blogroll. dont party too hard

  5. Anthony Says:

    Pretty effing impressive list with 9rules 4.0

    Both in size and quality.

    Annoying as that they weren’t linked but the big trend I noticed after copying and pasting the URLs was the high % of new members with podcasts. Kudos.

  6. VampireFeet Says:

    I just like the Christina song!

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