Leaked Pictures of Angelina’s New Baby (Or More Proof Of The Coming Death Of People Magazine)

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O.K., very little New Media about this (except that People's exclusive is now worthless because of bloggers) but since I run All Angelina Jolie I thought I would show you guys this…

[reloaded: Gawker is showing the same picture as above and is getting threatening emails from Time, Inc….fortunately, I'm not that popular :)]

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18 Comments on “Leaked Pictures of Angelina’s New Baby (Or More Proof Of The Coming Death Of People Magazine)”

  1. she is smokin – as a momma 🙂

  2. Brian Says:

    Gotta love it.

  3. Brian Says:

    Maybe People should have read this before the auction (via BuzzMachine):

    “Scoop journalism is hopelessly old-fashioned. There’s that nice Richard Wallace, editor of the Daily Mirror, landing scoop after scoop – Kate Moss snorting, McCartneys’ marriage aborting, John Prescott cavorting – and yet his paper’s sales continue their sad decline. One glitch is that, despite producing spoof early editions, the rest of the digitised media world can catch up and even overtake in a nano-second. So plenty of readers (and, obviously, surfers) have no clue that it was the Mirror wot got it. But that’s not the only problem with red-top scoopery. The truth is that even in the old deadline-midnight era scoops didn’t matter to readers. They have always been much more about Fleet Street machismo than satisfying the real desires of readers. Mind you, I bet The Sun’s editor, Rebekah Wade, doesn’t see it that way!”

  4. chartreuse Says:

    This is not the age of secrets. I personally think Angelina and Brad leaked it themselves to get back at the tabloids. I would’ve. 🙂

  5. Roy T Says:

    We are all showing pics of that, it sucks Gawker has to take the shit for it because they are the biggest, but it’s nothing surprising.

    Every gossip and new media site will be showing that image from here to Namibia

  6. Brian Says:

    Absolutely Brand and Angelina did it. It’s no secret that Brad hates the paparazzi, and therefore the publications that employ them are an easy target.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Roy, where the hell have you been?!?

    You’re right. that picture is everywhere. Time is making much ado about nothing. Shouldn’t they be going after Hello!?

    By the way, Starked is still one of my favorite sites. The only thing keeping it off my blogroll is my own laziness!

  8. chartreuse Says:

    And if it’s true that B&A leaked it they will move up a couple of notches in my book…

  9. Brian Says:

    Heh… I accidently called him “Brand” that’s what they should have named Shiloh.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    funny stuff.

    On a kinda more serious note;

    Winners: Jolie's charities, Hello! magazine and the public
    Losers: Time, Inc

  11. panasianbiz Says:

    wow…are babies really that small? I think I had forgotten.

    Both of my kids are now bigger than me.

  12. Minic Rivera Says:

    PerezHilton.com looks to have removed the photo from his blog after a letter from the Deputy General Counsel of Time Inc. 🙂


  13. Abhinav Says:

    Lets see if u too get a letter sooner 🙂

    Joking 😉

  14. Roy T Says:

    Char, thanks no worries. Been very busy with the launch of Starked San Fran (We can’t let Denton have ALL the fun). Im pretty sure Time owns Hello Mag.

    Time is targeting the big sites, we still have it as a thumbnail that links to Hello Magazine so hopefully they won’t get too mad.

    I still read this site everyday though, I didn’t know chartreuse was so addicting

  15. wealthbuildertip Says:

    Ha ha:) Poor Media. Oh well this is the Internet… FREE Info.

  16. Mr Angry Says:

    It isnt often you get to celebrate being less popular. Sometimes, under the radar is the best place to be. I know this because Underworld told me.

  17. Dr. MJ Says:

    Enough is enough!!

    I personally know Brad and it is really awful how the weekly flesh traders are feasting on their moment of joy. It really isn’t the way things should be and demonstrates how depraved society, media and people have become.

    Pray for their family and leave them alone.

  18. Elliott Back Says:

    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Baby Photo Scandal

    When Hello Magazine posted the following cover on their website earlier this morning, they must have known that they were undercutting an exclusive licensing deal with People magazine:

    This image is hotlinked, and not hosted on this site
    Hotly sought …

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