The Tuesday Morning (Secret) Remix


I know already. I haven't written a significant post in a week.

It's not because I don't love you.

I am in the middle of various projects and just can't seem to find the time to write. So you're going to have to deal with a quick remix for at least another day…but don't worry, it's a good one 🙂


Scott Karp's best post ever. More on target than he probrably realizes…

More evidence on the death of ads.

Official smartest girl in the room, Liz Strauss hangs out at Jason's Spot. 

The malleability of group identity and how it can distort information aggregation (or why The Apprentice may be a waste of time)

The Number One Rule Of Niche Marketing

Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers calls standard media and press releases "a waste of time." The best way for enterprises and vendors to reach their communities: "blogs and wikis and podcasts and videos." Read the entire interview.

WalMart goes Authentic

Why People stop drinking the company KoolAid (Lessons for management)


{all pictures via postsecret}

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6 Comments on “The Tuesday Morning (Secret) Remix”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    Only you can have a post with the words “information aggregation” and “masterbation’ and it everything seem normal. 🙂

  2. Clyde Smith Says:

    The press release issue is interesting. Both bloggers and hip hop websites have run my press releases whole when I’ve made a major announcement, launching and then re-launching. I also get periodic traffic from press releases on free services on which the links to my site are live.

    So there’s a place online for press releases even if they’re not what they used to be.

  3. No ideas what Peck is talking about genius – please explain to this dummy – thx

  4. Roy T Says:

    Char, if you are busy, bring in guest writers

  5. chartreuse Says:

    They are coming. Really.
    Email me if you want to write something. Really.

  6. i will write one for you buddy.

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