Things That Don’t Happen In Your Town, Loving Balloons And Hating Cheese (The Sunday Remix)


Can't start your Sunday off right without a little politics. Check out this new track from New Orlean's rapper Lil Wayne called "Georgia…Bush". The kids are calling it Fire.


So the Canadians decided teach the kids about copyright with a new cartoon character. It's stupid. And it's not working.

 Every generation thinks the next generation is the end of the world. They are always wrong. Today Dr. Doomsday Scott Karp predicts a social networking backlash. Will someone let him know that he sounds like some 13 year old girl's dad complaining about Elvis…

Blog Economics

Fred of A VC fame lists his top 10 albums of the year so far. Interesting list. I'm more interested in his favorite singles though. It's a one shot universe. Really.

So my future ex-wife got dumped by her boyfriend and now people have started giving her cheese. She's not happy about it. 

Guess what, this is your life and it's dying one second at a time. So is the city of New Orleans. They are trying to stop the tradition of Second Line Parades insidiously. What a Second Line parade is is this. A small band starts playing music and walking down the streets of the city. People start joining in dancing and drinking. They usually stop at every bar along the way. I know it sounds strange but it happens somewhere in New Orleans every weekend. How cool is that? I'm willing to bet it never happens in your town…

But let's end this remix on a happy note. Why 300 Balloons is better than $1 Million of stuff.

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9 Comments on “Things That Don’t Happen In Your Town, Loving Balloons And Hating Cheese (The Sunday Remix)”

  1. candice Says:

    I miss the kids at the bus stops sitting around practicing trumpet and playing jazz…

  2. VampireFeet Says:

    Angelina’s post is very funny. nd I was surprised by the way rap fans reacted to the wayne song. I am out of touch.

  3. 115k for your blog. Take it! Focus on Jolie 🙂

  4. Char, no one ever got barred from college admissions or job consideration for listening to Elvis — which is because your music listening habits used to be private!!!

    It’s not about cultural degredation — it’s about self-preservation.

  5. candice Says:

    Dude, that is so not the point. Careers?

    Have you known any teenager, ever, to listen when their parents say “Don’t do X because it might be bad for your career later on?” Please. Everyone under the age of say, 28, knows damn well that there is no more “Career,” we watched our parents get laid off and fucked over and have no loyalty to employers anyway.

    I seriously doubt this would scare anyone.

  6. Dan Zarrella Says:

    Occasionally yeah, we do have impromptu marching band parades in my neighborhood.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Whay you, and others, are forgetting Scott, is that none of this stuff happens in a vacuum. Online social networking won’t change to reflect current societal norms. The reverse will happen.

  8. David Krug Says:

    Dan its so weird to see your url Jack of All Blogs. Now I know what duncan felt like when we were running around with the new blogherald

  9. Dan Zarrella Says:

    Heh, it was odd to use this URL instead of puritan city, but i figure JOAB is more appropriate to this audience.
    (still working on some stuff for JOAB, never fear)

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