‘Thank You For Smoking’ Review

I don't agree with his review but this is important in so many other ways… 

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8 Comments on “‘Thank You For Smoking’ Review”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    It’s important in many other ways . . . Is that because this is a regular guy talking? I’m not moved my a movie review that comes off like a book report that doesn’t tell me enough about the book/movie beyond what an 8th grader might do for an assignment. There’s no depth here.

    It’s not pithy, insightful, entertaining, or informative. It just looks like a movie critique. That’s it.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    It’s importantant in lots of ways. None of it has to do with his specific content…

  3. VampireFeet Says:

    Starting the day with a quiz, Char?

    I’ll try.

    What you have is a regular guy giving his opinion about a hollywood movie to thousands of folks using youtube. He’s using Hollywoods own tools against them?

    He’s using it to promote his blog.

    He has a larger reach than Roger Ebert.

    How’s that?

  4. Erik Says:

    It proves that a lot of stuff in the long tail deserves to be in the long tail.

    Any number of points can be made using the preceding clip as an illustration. Which one are you trying to make?

  5. Brian Says:

    Yeah… not everyone should do video that features themselves sitting on an effing couch.

  6. Mark Says:

    Here’s what I got from it. It’s well produced and edited (when compared to other amateur videos), without coming off “glossy” and overproduced as so many of the online videos produced by the networks (ie code.tv)

    In terms of realness and commonality with the community at large, this is a typical Joe beating Hollywood at its own game, in terms of production value.

    My guess, anyway

  7. Brian Says:

    The point of this post should have been”

    Not Even Video Will Save Movie Critics From the Dustbin of History

    No one cares what critics — professional or amateur — think anymore. They care what their friends think.

  8. J Says:

    This film was great ! I just ordered my copy from www . imoovie . com!

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