The Importance Of Jimmy (Or The Economics Of Everything)

The economics of everything is changing.

Small companies can play with the big boys on almost every level.

The golf tee time reservation site GolfNow is creating cheap viral commercials for their company. Now there are (IMO) a lot of things wrong wih this attempt but they are doing more right than wrong with efforts like this. They are definately on the right track.

Putting it on YouTube instead of just on their site is brilliant.

Now all they have to do is find ways to get this out to their true believers and see if they pass it along…


But the truth is that this is not about Golf.

Everybody can now play.


Robert Bruce is a genius.

He is making poetry cool and relevent.

And using the vehicles usually reserved for the big boys to market his name.

The not perfect but way cool Invisible Children are using the same tools used by big companies to do good.

They not only get it.

They are doing it.

This is an age where you can fight back.

Make noise.

And see to it that everyone hears you.


Despite everything

This is the greatest time to be hanging out on this planet.

The opportunities are here for you to do something great.

Make a difference.

And create some magic.

It's not money but imagination that matters.

That trumps everything.

So stop being so fucking pedestrian.


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14 Comments on “The Importance Of Jimmy (Or The Economics Of Everything)”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    nice post.

  2. David Lewis Says:

    Char, I love your site and find it even inspiring sometimes. You re always pushing the limits and I respect that. I have 2 questions about this post though,
    1. Why did you use the term ‘not perfect’ when writing about Invisible Children’? Is there something we should know?
    2. And I don’t understand the use of that New Orleans video.

  3. Loren Says:

    What an exciting time to be in our business. I wake up everyday excited by the possibilities of it all. My life, my work, the future. We are in the beginning of a shift that will be studied years from now. It’s happening right now. Right this second. I can barely contain myself.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    That’s what gets me moving,too. The possibilities.

    David, Um, I don’t think anyone is perfect. Invisible Children is a great organization, though.

    The NO video shows what you can do with the tools. Some guys got together and with News footage, A hit song, and editing skills put together a protest song and video and then broadcasted it to the world. Ain’t nothing pedestrian about that.

    If you read this blog often you wll learn that the NO siation is a pet cause of mine. Please don’t get me started on that! 🙂

  5. Tim Stay Says:

    I am in awe at how well the Invisible Children group gets there message out and the great job they do at making it viral, because I know how hard it really is to do. I am on the board of Unitus, a non-profit organization that fights poverty around the globe through the use of Microcredit. We have been really innovative with the use of capital markets as tools to fight poverty.

    But it has been really hard for the organization to adopt new models of getting our message out using these new tools available. It is tough to fight the legacy of traditional methods and channels. Maybe that is why it will be the youth that will lead us.

    p.s. Keep serving up all the NO stuff you find. I think it is way important.

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  7. love the NO video – that’s the future of politics.

  8. chartreuse Says:

     Thanks Tim.

    And Simon, you are right! 

  9. range Says:

    Viral Marketing, Viral Newsmaking…

    The new way of doing business actually. And anyone denying this, should have their head examined. I like it because the little guys can now compete with Walmart.

    It’s using psychology and technology in tandem with new results. A new spin on word of mouth marketing. Just look at the Aids Epidemic doc by Frontline. As always, all their docs are available free to watch on their site.

    Oh, and I like the kiddies pictured here.

  10. Char

    Great post and our first attempt completely not worthy of this post. Ready for my no traffic site, not yours

  11. chartreuse Says:

    Sometims the most important thing is that I spelled your name right. 🙂

  12. good point – well done

  13. Liz Strauss Says:

    I think it’s the possibilities that are at the same time such a great thing, but also for me overwhelming. So many ways to go in a world where I should be choosing smaller, doing less, better. I’m getting that deer in headlight feeling with too many possibilities and options crowding in on me. oooh.

  14. vkqksmok Says:


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