The Advantages Of Prostitution (Or TechCrunch, Duncan Riley And What Really Happens At Weddings Or The Daily Remix Escort Edition)

It's hard not being a whore.

If you're trying to make a living blogging it's easy to jump at any pennies thrown your way. It takes a minute to learn that sometimes what you don't do is sometimes more important than what you do.

Poor Michael Arrington has had to take blows, some justified, some not, because of his attempts to monetize the uber-popular TechCrunch. Kalsey raised some interesting concerns. Mike Arrington made weak attempt to answer Kelsey's concerns…but then Valleywag joined the fray.

But Mike isn't the only one taking hits.

Duncan Riley and the B5 crew decided to take the offensive and defend themselves against supporting alleged spammers.

Now everyone wants more money.

It's our dumb way of keeping score.

So when somesome guarantees you some points it's easy to start giving blowjobs and lapdances and ignore the fact that he has bad breath.

But here's the deal.

We're all whores.

Some of us just hold out for better shoes.

Somebody somewhere is doing greek, wearing a schoolgirl's out fit or flipping through Fredrick's in an effort to convince some money man they are worthy.

But no matter how fancy the wedding, in the end, someone's getting fucked.

Just some of us won't have enough cash for the abortion.

Speaking of vile let's mention advertising… Brands and 2.0: Proceed With Caution. (powerpoint) is a nice, quick, must read to get what advertising agencies are telling advertisers about social media.

fraser on influence

Claire Zulkey, Britney Spears, and Jason Boog

Gawker Goes Video

And my favorite bands puts some songs online.

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20 Comments on “The Advantages Of Prostitution (Or TechCrunch, Duncan Riley And What Really Happens At Weddings Or The Daily Remix Escort Edition)”

  1. range Says:

    I think this whole thing has just taken a life for itself. Everbody runs their blog and sites according to themselves. Yes it’s so easy to sellout and I would think about it too if someone threw some green my way. But in the end, there is a difference between a blog you run for yourself and a business venture. It’s much easier to sell out on business ventures, because they are designed to make money.

    Personal blogs are there for a different reason, however it’s good to make some money out of it at some point without completely selling out.

  2. David Krug Says:

    At some point techCrunch went from being busines venture to whore though.

  3. meettravis Says:

    “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”

  4. TerryC Says:

    I really never know what to expect when I come here.
    I think that’s good.

  5. Brian Says:

    “Pimpin’ ain’t easy but it’s necessary.” – Ice Cube

  6. chartreuse Says:

    Everybody wants to be the pimp…

    One day you’ll get that the girls really run the show…really.

  7. Brian Says:

    Oh, trust me… I know that. And it’s the way it should be.

    Besides, pimp is just a metaphor these days. Except when it’s not.

  8. Liz Strauss Says:

    Hey, consider the alternative . . .

  9. that picture of amsterdams red light district is so right on

  10. it may be hard not to be a whore, but less hard if you are not starving or have no other skills.

    If arringtoin is headed the way of Cramer and CNBC, OY! Soon all his columns will be in bold and he will be throwing computers on his vblog.

    He is a lawyer, so he was already mostly there before he sold ads 🙂

    I know he is going to take this idea as well.

  11. Duncan Says:

    You know, I can remember when ads first started appearing on blogs, and people like Dave Winer and his friends said they’d never read any blog with an ad on it, because they were “prostituting” themselves….how times have changed!. If you do take this line though Cartreuse, then any advertising on blogs is prostitution, TLA provide a legit service with nice ads that fit in well on a blog, plain and simple, and some of the people behind the company are legit people in the blogosphere and SEO area’s as well. It isn’t all dark, but I take your point that one mans ad is anothers prostitution, but when I can stay at home and work on blogging all day without advertising (I already do this from home full time) I’ll take it up….but I’m buggered if I know how I’d make a quid….I’d rather be upfront in terms of advertising than do what some have unfortunately resorted to in the past and take cash for comment (what was the name of that Canadian software company again????).

  12. candice Says:

    That squint picture freaks me out. I swear I have those jeans, and that’s a guy wearing them.

  13. […] My buddy Chartreuse is just egging on the conversation and the fish are nibbling as it were . […]

  14. Andy H Says:

    >> some of the people behind the company are legit people in the blogosphere and SEO area’s

    Me for instance 🙂

  15. David Krug Says:

    What’s an illegitamate person?

  16. Jason Boog Says:

    Once again, I’m on chartreuse, sandwiched between links about pop stars and sexy pictures. I didn’t even have to hold out for better shoes. You just give them to me. Very much appreciated.

  17. Adam Kalsey Says:

    Dang. Two links in one week. I’d say more, but you’ve banned me from commenting. 🙂

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