The Music Business, The Drug Business, And Your Business (Or The Bizzare Connection Between Sandi Thom and My First ExWife Or How To Know If You’re Dreaming)

One of the easiest ways to figure out if you're dreaming or not is to look at some words (a sign, book, etc.) and remember what it said.

Then turn your head and look at it again.

If you are dreaming it will never say the same thing.


I thought I was dreaming when I read in the comments of this blog that Columbia Records were going to use the same lie to promote Sandi Thom here that they did in Europe. Jeez!

Now this may not seem that important (I mean it did work!) but it shows an utter contempt for the audience.

It goes against everything the future (now!) is about.

Being honest and authentic with your audience.

Now I'm familiar with the music business. It's the drug business with a soundtrack. (Every business is the drug business, before you get too sanctimonious.) I've paid to get songs played on the radio and various other things which are blurry from a moral perspective.

The old music business model is based on being cutthroat, doing what you have to do to move units. The numbers don't lie. Unless it's Soundscan.

It was never about the fans.

But here's what happens when it's not about the buyer.

My first wife proposed to me in the small town of Oppelousas, Louisiana. She had put together some beautiful words which included the following line:

"Prince, I love you so much you never have to work. I would spend my life taking care of you."

Since I had a job and was buying a nightclub the words didn't really mean much, but were a nice sentiment.

Flash Forward 2 weeks after the wedding.

I wake up and look over at my lovely wife. She smiles back at me. All is right with the world.

I said, "You know what baby? I really don't feel like going to work today."

She cursed me out.

As she complained about bills and responsibility and the like my rapidly aching head went back to the innocuous line she told me in her proposal.

Though she was right about the bills and all that other crap I really felt like I was tricked.

And I never forgot it.

A business relationship is just like a marriage.

Everybody has to know what they are buying.

You can't play tricks.

Now with my first wife I was being a bit petty.

But everyone is.

They believe what you tell them and expect you to stand by it no matter how small a lie it may seem at the time.

Just ask my second wife.

[all art by luckylulu]

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11 Comments on “The Music Business, The Drug Business, And Your Business (Or The Bizzare Connection Between Sandi Thom and My First ExWife Or How To Know If You’re Dreaming)”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    Char, I never get tired of stories about you and your ex-wives! 🙂

  2. Loren Says:

    You sound sad. On the music tip, post reminds me of liar by rollins.

    If this works you will see the video. Otherwise –

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Not sad at all. But the Henry Rollins clip is cool.

  4. […] I’m not saying I’m making his writing better through mimicking his particular writing style. […]

  5. now I can’t work today. Going home to kick the dog again.

  6. TerryC Says:

    I read a book about that dream stuff you mentioned in the beginning. It’s true.
    That’s why I love this blog. I thought I was the only one into that shit!

  7. I don’t have an ex-wife, yet, but I’d like to share another trick to know if you are dreaming: try to look at your hands, when you are dreaming your mind have to “create” your body, in most cases your hands will vanish.

    I remember a dream where I couldn’t turn around to see who, or what, was behind me and I was hearing somebody breathing like Darth Vader there, quite scary (no Brokeback Mountain jokes please). Anyway! Good post!

  8. Adrian Says:

    I have no ex-wife stories to share, but, I join you in amazement at Columbia Records spinning the false webcast claims anew. It’s as if the music biz folks are acknowledging an alternate (dream?) universe in which reality is anything they say it is…

    It’s so outlandish, it’s funny! The first time ’round, the deception was objectionable. Now, it almost seems like they’re pulling the public’s leg. Perhaps the Merry Pranksters inhabit the “biz” ( :

  9. Adrian Says:

    p.s. it’s crystallized for me – though I never saw the show Dallas, the Columbia Records PR brings to mind what I’ve heard about the “dream season” of that old tv show – in which everything was said to be a dream; that seems the only reasonable explanation for how the record company is viewing things

  10. range Says:

    You have to be careful about relationships and business. Business and friends as well, it’s rarely as clearcut as you would believe, especially when emotion gets involved into the mix.

  11. R Says:

    I didn’t realize people still dreamed. That’s so Life 1.0.
    Columbia engages in an ummm white lie, because “everyone’s doing it and you don’t want to miss out, right?” I’d have to get shot, robbed, or killed to get any press. European artists have it so easy.

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