Six Things To Do This Weekend

  1. Watch the The Blogging Times Weekend Edition
  2. Check Out The winners of the Imagine The Home In 2020 contest
  3. Figure out a way to sell your business offering in the virtual world.
  4. Learn about Real Estate 3.0
  5. Lend money to a small business in a developing country
  6. Go Outside.
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12 Comments on “Six Things To Do This Weekend”

  1. range Says:

    I think Kiva is great.

  2. Robert Bruce Says:

    Minic is classic.

  3. David Krug Says:

    I’ve been supporting Kiva for a few months now. I never knew skipping a latte or two and instead loaning my latte to someone in a 3rd world country could make so much change. woot.

  4. range Says:

    It’s what they call the Latté factor. Students and others ruining themselves for some coffee, when people can help out 3rd world people for the same amount.

  5. candice Says:

    The latte thing is not about the coffee. It’s about going to the cafe to socialize.

    There are all these “personal-finance guru” people saying “Skip your starbucks and make coffee at home! You’ll save so much money!” What do you lose in time spent with people instead of staying at home? What connections have you missed by sitting at home, when you could be out in the world talking to people.

    I mean, sure, skip a couple lattes a month and lend it away if it makes you feel any better, this personal level of microfinancing is a really awesome idea. But don’t blame the coffee.

  6. David Krug Says:

    Oh, crap I still manage to hit Starbucks 5 other times a day candice. Just the morning ones I skip.

  7. candice Says:

    David, I was commenting more on the “students ruining themselves for some coffee” line of reasoning.

    I used to be in the 5 cups of coffee a day club, but I quit making my own and I’m not at diners as much as I used to be. I’m the last person to criticize anyone for drinking or not drinking it.

  8. Liz Strauss Says:

    Those five links were fun to follow.
    But the simple elegant combination of those six sentences with that picture under that title. THAT was brilliant! It made me laugh out loud.

    Talk about knowing your readers. 🙂

  9. […] I took Chartreuse’s advice and when I wasn’t watching soccer, I was outside. Two great games by the way. Portugal vs. The Netherlands was just awesome and Beckham scoring to beat Ecuador was fun. […]

  10. Liz Strauss Says:

    Thanks Howard. that means you got it too.

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